Hayate no Gotoku – episode 45: It’s ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February!

Hayate45 Title screen

It’s already february and there’s one event that bother every girl in Japan that fall in love… but before that, this episode is more about gratitude to Maria-san and…

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Goodbye Mr. Despair EXTREME – episode 04

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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Itoshiki Nozomu is a super negative thinking teacher, one day he must teach a class with eccentric peoples and among them is Katsuka Fuuka which is the total opposite of him the super positive girl.
And stupidity along with random silliness would be told…

XD yeah its another episode of one of my favorite~ super random comedy~ its one of the totally nonsense comedy that make you laugh your ass off~ so sit back, relax, and lets your imagination run wild while enjoying the show.

Although some of the joke is a wordplay but thanks to A.F.K subs give proper description which totally help. One of the example is the kanji of Itoshiki Nozomu, if the surname Kanji compressed into one word and combined with the first name it become Zetsubou or (in) Despair.

After the first season the second season come with the Zoku/Extreme episodes~ which totally more random than the first one, some of them might be annoying (>_<) but this anime is still authentic with its own style.

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Bamboo Blade – episode 18: Tournament and Afterwards Muroe High

Bamboo Blade

Toraji Ishida is a high school kendo teacher. His friend and fellow kendo teacher makes him a bet: if Ishida can assemble a girls’ kendo team that can defeat his girls’ team in a practice match, he’ll treat Ishida to free meals at his father’s sushi restaurant for a whole year. But his Kendo dojo is now almost empty thanks to two senior year delinquent boys except for the captain Kirino. Now Ishida must find five girls to join the team.

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Now lets talk bout ep 18~

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