Gundam 00 – Episode 18: Spearpoint of Malice

It’s a bit late to blog these, but better late then never right? I’ll starting to write comments on episode 18 but before that let me ramble a bit bout this series~

BTW I must warn you that spoiler is unavoidable so don’t tell me that I never said that~ 😉

Anyway, one of this season Anime in Japan that interesting is the Gundam 00 (double O) and once again this episode proof it. As always the gundam series always feature wars, but the plot is not as simple as whack the enemy and so on. Clash of belief and ideal, race and religion, the greed and the righteous from both side of war party is always featured. And also cool mecha of course. Since the Seed series there’s so much improvement especially we can see the short range (gundam’s) hand-to-hand combat can be beautifully drawn now thanks to CG. also especially on double O the background is even more realistic and close to issues in currents world.

Gundam 00 second OP – Ash Like Snow by the Brilliant Green

Back to the series~

The Spearpoint of Malice

Yeah, the Trinity is nothing but trouble, though its fun to see some crazy bang-bang action but they are quite despicable~

And the world starting to react to the Trinity, also of course the original Celestial Being on Ptolemy. And finally some witness overheard Nena talking about Lagna.

While the Trinity seems keep attacking the military bases, Nena just goes wild and shooting at a wedding party and lead to civilian casualties~ which bring tragedy to the Saji-Louise couple. man now she’s really giving me the creep T__T

And finally Graham Acre hit some points~ Can you feel that Trinity huh~! awesome, with a price to pay though. Now they finally a piece of gundam wouldn’t some information gonna be discovered?

“No matter how much our units’ ability differ, Today I surpass even Ashura!”

In the end Setsuna finally lose his patience and start engaging them~ boy he’s finally gonna kick some ass~ but I guess it wont be their final encounter.

Gundam 00 ep18 - Exia Engage Trinity

“Exia, eliminating targets.”

Thats it for now, I cant wait to see next episode~


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