H2O: Footprints in the Sand – Episode 7: Hotaru

H2O Title

Hirose Takuma, a blind young male high school student, though the cause for his blindness is undetermined. Due to this, Takuma move from the city out into a rural area where his uncle live and he enrolled into a new high school. At his new school, he meets several new girls, though three of whom he gets to know the most out of anyone else. They are, the firm and obstinate Kohinata Hayami, the kind and obliging Kagura Hinata, and the cheerful and mysterious Otoha. As Takuma interacts with Otoha he miraculously could see but there’re more to unfold.

(adapted from AniDB.net)

And I thought he’s gonna be blind while the series run~ This anime is interesting, as you can guess from the numbers of girls this is also adapted from a bishoujo game. The HD resolution from BakaWolfis really nice~ I like the drawings and small parody in between, though I still wondering what the horse on the sponsor credit means (?_?) its creeping me out.

Ah! and there’re also that trap~ I can still hear all the “WHAATT~!!!” scream from all the fan in episode four XD, thank goodness I’m not “her” fan.

And now to the review~

H2O: Footprints in the Sand – Episode 7: Hotaru

H2O Hotaru Title
H2O07 Screen title

Its surprising enough in the previous episode one of the major problem is resolved already, this episode resolved another one~ its already looks like the last episode~ although its supposed to be a 13 episodes series.

Now we know more about Hinata past, I already suspect that Otoha was her passed sister, but her identity surprise me a bit. Looks like Hinata/Hotaru really make another improvement~ but does that mean she possess divination ability XD~

H2O07 Hayami’s note

“You must not think that you can’t.”

Looks like whats left is dealing with that old fart and who gonna be with Hirose~ although we can already pretty much guess who~

H2O Hotaru dragged

WTH did U do to your granddaughter! Die U old Fart~ T__T

H2O07 Hamaji flirting

and once again Hamaji~ WTH XDDD~!

H2O Mahou Shouo Otoha

Go~! Mahou Shojou Otoha~! rofl~


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