Just not my day~

As usual the printing job is held at last minute~ it took time for us to decide the content~ and then I have to switch the questions and kept modified it

and afterwards we have to print more than 31 x 10 x 4 pages of assessment booklet, and have to finished today (>_<) yikes~ and its already 4 PM~ so its gonna be overnight~ but later on a call came that the date is delayed~ after printing almost half of it~ so we scramble home~ what a waste of worries T__T

And on the road our old pick-up suddenly bursting smoke in the middle of the Burangrang road. Well its an old car a 70 something can box Toyota Kijang. So I end up taking public transportation aka angkot which drive so damn fast and wild~ XD and while listening to Code Geass OST I just tired out and walk home~

And thats today rants~

BTW I got Shana II ep 18 to review and I’m downloading Bamboo Blade right now~ but lets keep that for tommorow.


Gundam 00 – episode 19: Bonds

Gundam 00 DVD

This episode bring many surprise to the audience~ as people sing “War huh-hah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing”~ The oil export regulation and the solar power plant, which cease the usage of fossil fuels really hit the middle eastern country and cause 20 years of solar electricity warfare just because some people greed and politics. Sounds like real huh~ who knows it might happen in reality.

So here’s the episode 19~

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