Gundam 00 – episode 19: Bonds

Gundam 00 DVD

This episode bring many surprise to the audience~ as people sing “War huh-hah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing”~ The oil export regulation and the solar power plant, which cease the usage of fossil fuels really hit the middle eastern country and cause 20 years of solar electricity warfare just because some people greed and politics. Sounds like real huh~ who knows it might happen in reality.

So here’s the episode 19~

Gundam 00 – episode 19: Bond

Gundam0007 Title Screen

The first scene continues from when Exia engage the Trinity, and not long until Exia already troubled, Tieria with his Gundam Virtue caught them by surprise. Meanwhile on Ptolemaios the crew watch in awe as both the Gundam engage the Trinity with tactical formation that they never used (except on training), Sumeragi thinks the probability that this is might be one of Veda plan. Lockon also asking for directions to them and Sumeragi give him green lights to interfere and stop the fight, also act based on his personal judgement. Meanwhile Wang Liu Mei and the two other observer aware that this probably happen but not that soon but then he mention about the starting point of stage 3 of the plan. Hmm~

Gundam0007 Smirk


With only two units, they still manage to scramble the Trinity but as soon as Johan and Nena about to dock weapon, Virtue manage to stop them but got caught between. And before the two unit manage to shoot Virtue, he finally unleash it, yeah GN-004 Nadleeh and the Trial system. With the Nadleeh Trial system both Trinity Gundam that pinch her got disabled and tumbling down to land. But as soon as he want to finish them someone deactivate it through Veda. I start smell something fishy here, whether that observer guy actually have a personal agenda.

Gundam0007 Trial System

GN-004 and The Trial System Activated

And as soon as both Trinity Gundam stand back on their feet Lockon with Gundam Dynames also comes to aid, but they manage to retreat by revealing who Setsuna is to Lockon. Setsuna who used to be part of the Krugis Guerilla who bomb away Lockon family. And so the three gundam just stand there watching the Trinity leaves.

Gundam0007 Exia, Dynames and Nadleeh

They finally gather but…

Meanwhile this episode have more highlight to Saji and Louise, since she is now crippled, she asked Saji to leave her and continue his study for her. T__T and he just go like that~ ARE YOU A MAN~!!! I dun care if he was a woozy before but this one is bad~ why don’t he just take her with him~ BAKAYARO~ .Also there’s insert song and flashback of both of them and their first meeting just before he leave her back to Japan.

Back to the Meister, Setsuna and Lockon confront each other. Though Setsuna just calmly stand while Tieria watching from the side. And when Setsuna ask Lockon confirm about what happen with his family, he also aware that war and some people just used poor and lost people for their fortune, with god and money as a lure. And Lockon even point a gun at him and ask Setsuna his purpose as a Gundam Meister. He tell him his past as a child as a guerilla and the leader who tell them about his god. Ali al Sarges he leader who also led him to found that there’s no god in the world, and now he just work as mercenary and he also fight them before in Moralia. Setsuna reconfirm his statement that he is Gundam, the embodiment of eradication of war. And he didn’t mind for Lockon to finish him, because Lockon going to do that in his place. Lockon the just laugh and put down his gun while calling him a Gundam freak. Whats eerie to me is Tieria is smiling~

Gundam0007 the KSAP

Setsuna and the Krugis guerilla~ poor children who caught up in someone else greed~

Gundam007 LockOn I am… YOUR FATHER… not XD

Setsuna is da Gundam dude~

And finally there’re clue about “Lagna”. And at the same time while all the world leader in edge of surrender, a message that claim from Celestial Being comes…

And while in Africa continent the Trinity gather, in far Antarctica the gathered troops from the three major government are in awe while seeing what have been given to them…

 Gundam0007 Is that what I think it is?

That’s definitely not a grass mower~ 

Yeah, and next week is “Blade of Revolution”, looks like the Gundam now really is in the path of self destruction~


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