Blog audience ratings~

Looks like my blog is still a G rating :D, who knows when it turned into PG~

thx reedler for this link to rate~

More of my rate~

22 is the number of five years old that I can defeat, bare handed~ not bad XD

$4825.00 is how much my corpse worth.
Whoa I can buy four good laptops~ XD

20 is colors that I can only remember in five minutes~ thats as far as my engrish go T__T
(there’s no guarantee that I can spell more in Indonesia though XD)

I am 65% Geek. XD I dunno if I have to be proud or sad~

47% is My survival rate against zombie apocalypse, wee~

40% is My survival rate on the moon. Ouch~ Im so dead~

26 is all the country I can remember in five minutes~

140,747 People die on my birth day, and the Galunggung volcano also erupt~


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