Bamboo Blade – episode 18: Tournament and Afterwards Muroe High

Bamboo Blade

Toraji Ishida is a high school kendo teacher. His friend and fellow kendo teacher makes him a bet: if Ishida can assemble a girls’ kendo team that can defeat his girls’ team in a practice match, he’ll treat Ishida to free meals at his father’s sushi restaurant for a whole year. But his Kendo dojo is now almost empty thanks to two senior year delinquent boys except for the captain Kirino. Now Ishida must find five girls to join the team.


Now lets talk bout ep 18~

Bamboo Blade – episode 18: Tournament and Afterwards Muroe High

BB18 Title Screen

This episode is the continuation of the group tournament, the last episodes Tama-chan gets cheated, the opponent make her slip and caused her leg to be sprained. Though her leg is hurt and swollen, her emotion flow through her kendo and unconsciously she strike her with a thrust, yeah its the “Atomic Fire Blade” (cited from her favorite anime Blade Braver :D)~ This causing her opponent to stunned and shiver.

BB18 Tsuki~

The final attack~

BB18 feeling weak~

The result is quite fatal, serve her right though~

But seeing this Toraji decide to stop the match and of course its her loss, surely afterward Tama is disappointed. But his teacher remind him about the thrust that shouldn’t be used and also not to force herself with the injured legs. Feeling relief she begin to stumble, but her teammates cheer for her.

And so the matches score end with a Tie, and thus will be extra round, each group will send one of them to bout. And this time its Kirino, it was a close call and then

BB18 Score announcement

Its a tie, so here comes extra round~

BB18 Hooray~

They lost… but satisfied.

Afterwards Tama is reminded again about the usage of the thrust technique by his father. While Kirino thought about to make some kind of theme song, which misinterpreted by Saya. The over spirited girl Saya thought that she was asking her to make one, and she stay awake all night~ for nothing XD

BB18 Blade Braver

…as if I possessed by the Braver

BB18 Saya’s Guitar~

Gonna make some music~!

And so the training days continue, without Saya… again… and Tama who came by in the end asked by Toraji to help coach others because she couldn’t join the exercise.

BB18 Wall decoration?

the calligraphy is OK but wth is that picture in the dojo’s wall~

For a small team this is probably a nice and perfect team, although they lost but that’s not the main point. They just enjoy Kendo. I’d wish I have some sport that I passionate too, I really lack exercise. Ehehe~


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