Goodbye Mr. Despair EXTREME – episode 04

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

(image from the original site)

Itoshiki Nozomu is a super negative thinking teacher, one day he must teach a class with eccentric peoples and among them is Katsuka Fuuka which is the total opposite of him the super positive girl.
And stupidity along with random silliness would be told…

XD yeah its another episode of one of my favorite~ super random comedy~ its one of the totally nonsense comedy that make you laugh your ass off~ so sit back, relax, and lets your imagination run wild while enjoying the show.

Although some of the joke is a wordplay but thanks to A.F.K subs give proper description which totally help. One of the example is the kanji of Itoshiki Nozomu, if the surname Kanji compressed into one word and combined with the first name it become Zetsubou or (in) Despair.

After the first season the second season come with the Zoku/Extreme episodes~ which totally more random than the first one, some of them might be annoying (>_<) but this anime is still authentic with its own style.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei / Goodbye Mr. Despair EXTREME – episode 04

ZSZS04 the main title screen



ZSZS04 Title Screen1

“Break Down the Wall with Good Posture”

This time the main theme is how people often distracted from the main theme of something~

ZSZS04 Distraction

…and He’s already in despair mode…

…somewhat it end up with alien invasion… but with the help of a passerby who told about a secret ancient weapon, Chiri saves the day~

ZSZS04 Alien Invasion

“there’s no way we gonna survive~” said him

ZSZS04 in the main bridge

The Alien General watching the invasion?

ZSZS04 the ancient weapon


ZSZS04 …and she saves the day

…and she finish em’ all



ZSZS04 Title Screen2

“In the year 1976 we moved to sannomiya center city I suggested a number of store name to my father but he didn’t like any of them when I tried flipping my father’s name around he decided to go with that.”

The second story is another introduction of one of the eccentric students, this time it’s Kudou Jun.

ZSZS04 Kudou Jun’s Profile

Kudou is a bookworm, but he can told all kind of tales that make people feel touched~ This make Nozomu claim that he can read anything~ including human heart and also the anime ending XD~ which is as usual another of his baseless statements. and followed by his baseless action~ XD

ZSZS04 the story teller

When he start telling stories…

ZSZS04 sob and tears

…people will start to sob~



ZSZS04 Title Screen3

“Ehime Prefecture, Type A, T 165, B 84, W 55, H 85”

And the third part is… the part that distractingly sexy in the first story. Hai~, Kiri Komori desu~ nothing much to say except this is the fan service part~

ZSZS04 Komori Kiri Sexy Scene 1

“Look, look…”

ZSZS04 Komori Kiri Sexy Scene 2

“This is classic but…”

*wipe all my drools on the keyboard* And the result is…

ZSZS04 Magazine poll result on the episode

And the popularity poll result is… *drum rolls*

And yeah, I’m also distracted.


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