Hayate no Gotoku – episode 44: Mystery behind the 120% Acceptance Rate (Temp.)

Hayate44 Title Screen

I dunno why there’s a temporary on the title XD but maybe I can guess a bit~

And yet another episode of… Magical Destroy?

Hayate44 Magical Destroy - Title screen~

…Magical Destroy?

Hayate44 Nagi and Hayate hosting show

Ojou-sama lets back to the original story~

What? Oh! That title is one of Nagi’s manga, which is completely nonsense too~ looks like they exploit it this episode. Though Nagi is very smart (She skipped grade to high school although she’s only 12) and good with money, since she was a little (well, she is still little, said Maria XD) she want to publish her own manga. But the problem is… her manga is, well, utter, nonsensical, and *****#%$#@$%!

So she’s always troubled Hayate and Maria with her obsession. Though there’s only one person who can enjoy her manga that is Izumi. Although she is calm and composed, she seriously have a different taste. (^_^;)

So Nagi have an Idea to animised it~ through an underground anime production. Which the staff is… all girls and they all cosplaying. If there’s a registration to work there, I wanna join. *cough 3x* back to the story. And though her anime proposal was rejected, a mysterious phone call came, and suddenly her anime is produced…

Hayate44 the secret underground anime studio

First it’s looks like a ramen shop and then, tada~

Hayate44 Nia Cosplayer Staff~

The staffs is all cute, even Nia~<3 is working here XD

I’ll omit some part about production here~

And finally the preview of the finished product~ (btw the main chara is called britney~)

Hayate44 Britney in Magical Destroy
Is it just me, or its make me throws up to see such Mahou Shoujo series?

Which actually make no sense at all XD.

Afterwards although the “level” of the manga is too high (or so Hayate said) Hayate and Maria still want to understand what’s behind the story for her~ Such a caring guardians~ Maria-san~<3

Hayate44 Hayate sweat

…and they still don’t really get it~

And Next week is all bout Maria~

Hayate44 preview for next episode

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