H2O: Footprints in the Sand – episode 08: Otoha

H2O08 Title Screen

“That meeting was a small miracle.
The small miracle was also a drop of happiness…
…and it slowly grew larger.
What can I give back in return?”

And now the next episode of … Magical Girl Otoha?!? XD

H2O08 Magical Otoha title screen?

It seems this week anime are full of Mahou Shoujo parody.

As he wakes up he found he have two new sisters which is Hayami and Hotaru and the worst part his uncle become his mom XD.

H2O08 the unrelated sisters~
How cruel, you’re not accepting us as our sister~ although we have different surnames, we’re not blood related and not in the same family register!” How come they become siblings then? LOL~

Not only that, Otoha (and Yui) become transfer students and she even proclaimed to be his fiancé wth~

H2O08 Otoha my darling

…and so instead of sitting on the next chair why don’t you sit on his lap.” LMAO what kind of teacher would say that on a class

And the rest is jam packed with fan-service and mahou shoujo comedy~

H2O Maido-desu~

Welcome home Goshujin-sama, would you like to have dinner, a bath, or … me~<3 ?” *nosebleed*

H2O08 Yui the magical farmer

Oh no! It’s Yui the Magical Farmer~ She gonna enslave us and making us do all kind of farming jobs…

H2O08 Magical Otoha appear~

…but rest easy, Magical Otoha comes and save the day!


But turns out… that this is Otoha last appearance since most of the problem have solved. Otoha or rather the deceased Hinata have fulfill her duty as the Spirit of the Sounds of Time. This is the first time I seen such silly farewell episode~

H2O08 the farewell kiss

It’ll be okay. You can do anything, Takuma-kun. Even from now on… So…” *sob* goodbye~ Otoha~

But no matter how silly, it really convey Otoha/Hinata feelings in this matter~ and I like it. Its more soothing than other tear jerking farewell~ unique too I think~

Next week H2O is…

H2O08 Hentai Hige Ojisama?!?

Bearded Hentai Uncle?!#@%$#! WTH XD


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