Hayate no Gotoku – episode 45: It’s ♥ Maria-san Thank You Day in February!

Hayate45 Title screen

It’s already february and there’s one event that bother every girl in Japan that fall in love… but before that, this episode is more about gratitude to Maria-san and…

As usual Nagi who live as carefree and rich princess and Hayate his butler, always depend to Maria-san. But somehow they always forgot that she is still 17 and that make her… well… you can see what happen below~

Hayate45 dark Maria-san

I swear Maria-san, we know it~

Lesson learned, NEVER say “you’re look old” to a girl.

But still Maria-san usually realy caring so they want to give her something as a gratitude~ and Saki san proposed that they should give her vacation at the Spa Hotel for a night~

Hayate45 Saki’s suggestion

The Spa Hotel “Young” worker woman. And all that took the decision is that “young” word LOL~

But as she arrived, somehow trouble draws near, just because of 5% discount XD~

Hayate45 Maria arrived

Somehow I already sense something…

And yes, its actually Hakuo Academy intern day at the hotel and for a day that hotel filled with their students. Including the student council trio, Hinagiku, Makimura and his robot, etc. So instead of holiday she have to help them all.

Hayate45 Spill the tea

And they already make a fuss, after you just walk in to the room~

Hayate45 daskete Maria-san

She have to help the girls

Hayate45 The malice of the school supervisor

And troubles kept coming~

Hayate45 Maria-san~<3

But she manage to relax too, here’s a fan service shot~

Hayate45 DokiDoki Panic

While back in the room, Nagi panic cause she left alone with Hayate~ unlike a 12 years old~ but as soon they play games she already forgotten though~

But everything can be resolved smoothly afterwards, and Maria feel grateful but she said that their smile is more than enough for her. But again Nagi and Hayate tongue slipped again about “age” matters XD.

Hayate45 thanks but~

Next episode is about Wataru~

Hayate45 Wataru


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