Last Week Logs~

While I’m kept procrastinating~ my diary, it’s gotten longer and then… many words have lost too… TT_TT

Thursday, 21 February

Defragging the Library

Last Thursday we “defrag”/re-arrange the library since new book cabinet have arrived. There are so many books in the library and most of them is imported and original~ There’re already more than 3500 books in the system catalogue and there still many books that haven’t been inputed in the system.

Since add another cabinet we have to rearrange all of it, that mean we have to move all the books (>_<). And while on it we also wipe the cabinet from dust. I also input a few piles books~

And we always found exciting books, for example, is what I’m trying to read right now “Rules of Play”. Basically its about Game Design~ although the genre is computer gaming, this book have broader use to any kind of game design.

Rules of Play cover

Although I’m working on an consulting and training office looks like Boss bought this book to design games for the training.

Friday, 22 February

The MAGiS meeting

The word magis here doesn’t have any conection with magic whatsoever. In Spain (or Latin) its mean “the More” lemme quote this quick from the Magis08 website.

What is MAGiS?

MAGiS is a long-term project designed to foster Ignatian Spirituality in young adults aged 18 to 30.

The aim of MAGiS is to produce leaders—people with a sense of God’s place in their lives and a capacity to do something to build a better world.

MAGiS08 , the Ignatian program with World Youth Day 2008, is the first major project under this ministry.
To all we offer a relationship with Jesus based on the life experiences of St Ignatius Loyola. St. Ignatius used the word magis to talk about a quest for the greater good, always striving for the greater glory of God.

In this context, magis—or “the more“—is used like an adverb: to see more (clearly), to love more (dearly), to follow more (closely), emphasising the quality or intensity of our doing, instead of simply the act of doing.

The MAGiS program aims to walk with young adults discovering their identity in their work, at home, and in relationship with others. We are each at a different place in our search for, or walk with, God. MAGiS offers a stepping stone along the way, and companions for the road.

And this year they offer Asia-Pacific countries to host the program and one of them is of course Indonesia. While currently there are to cities who already planned to host it: Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Bandung is a bit late, but we not giving up yet~ We plan to host it in Cigugur but lets just see the development.

On that occasion I also built another information blog

too bad I can’t see the WYD on Sidney though~

Sunday, 24 February

The CLC Meeting + MAGiS meeting with Jakarta members

As usual on the fourth week the CLC gather on Supratman, this time Sr. Rita host the gathering. But she mad this really horrid power point show that can’t hardly be read. I mention this cause it’s one of my job to build presentation T__T. But the games are quite fun even the elder enjoy it.

After then, they didn’t tell me that meeting with Father (Pastor) Yumartono SJ was held afterwards. I should’ve bring my laptop~ Anyway He also brought the gang~ I mean the committee member of Jakarta MAGiS program~ They gave us description and their experience on it, and we also told them about our plan and they looks like excited from it. Now we have to finish more procedure from the international committee and finish the proposal XP. Still a Lot to do~ Ganbatte Minna~

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