Gundam 00 – episode 20: Blade of Revolution

(I’ll up the pics later also in some review ahead, since my program crashed) Thank God for VLC~

Gundam00 20 Title Screen

This episode just add the complexity of the story~

Meanwhile Saji still sulking on what happen to Louise, apparently Louise hand cannot be regenerated because of the beam particles thats released from the Gundam. Wow~ regeneration! the medical technology in that world already reach such phase~

After the great nation alliances received the Solar Reactors, they finally gather to fight Celestial Being as one. Which is also the first phase of CB plan, to make the world unite against a single foe. Though it happen faster than CB calculation because of the appearance of the new Gundam Trinity whose attack randomly any military bases.

 Gundam 00 the Solar Reactor

While the HRL and the Union army received the new unit and armed with the Solar Reactors, Graham flatly refuse to pilot one as he already swore on Mason grave to fight the Gundam with only Flag. Admirable indeed, maybe Katagiri should equip the Flag with Solar Reactors instead of making new units. Well Graham is exceptional pilot to be on par with the Gundam unit, but still the strain is too high.

On another place Patrick still have the time to ask his Colonel for a date XD. damn~ such a empty headed happy go lucky guy. I can’t say that I hate him though~ Good luck, dude~!

Gundam00 20 Patrick on his quest for love~

And Ali or Beiga or whatever that terrorist name try to get on of the Solar Reactor unit. So he approach Lagna Harvey the director of the Space Train program, some connection that he have~ T__T and worst Kinue who also approach Harvey to get information got caught by him instead. What an evil man, and so… I hope she survive… but seeing as she already stabbed, the possibility is really low. >_<

Gundam00 20 Kinue-san T_T

The Trinity also welcome an uninvited guest, Wang Liu Min. But Liu Min declared herself as neutral among the CB and she only provide information agent. She only held Aeolia Schoenberg ideals, and as long as someone try to change the world she will support them.

The CB gather back at Ptolemaeus and held meeting, they finally pull out the GN Arms. At the same time Trinity attack one of the HRL base, but they are welcomed by the ten new units, the Choubu GN-X, the new Solar Reactors unit. The trinity forced to retreat, this proven to the CB that they finally possess the Solar Reactor.

Gundam 00 GN-X Choubu Jinx

Mean while on the dark side of the moon, the observer Alejandro and Libbons found something stunning… looks like they gonna betray sooner or later.

 Gundam 00 20 Veda


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