Shakugan no Shana – episode 19: Something That Couldn’t Be Said

SNS19 Title Screen

This episode ROCKS~!!! finally its the rise of Silver Flame Yuji~

Yuji who got caught, realize that the tomogaras that surround him are weak, but he already prepared by leaving one of them in the middle of the city. Taking he civilian as a hostages, if Yuji tries anything they will start eating people flame.  But nonetheless Yuji can guess that he are (I’m using “are” coz he got five bodies, btw is that acceptable XD) a Jaeger, a surveillance agent of Ball Masque, and it took him surprised. And every Jaeger accompanied by a Wanderer, a combat specialist, but this time the wanderer hide himself.

 SNS19 Zarovee surprised

 The Five Stooges 

On other place Shana and Wilhelmina taking care of Yuji’s mother, they didn’t realize what happen. BTW Wilhelmina cooking looks really terrible *yuck~! XD

SNS19 Carmel-san thats yucky~

 Yum~yum~yum delicioso~

While walking with the tomogara, Yuji kept thinking hard on what happen. He managed to give hint to Eita who coincidently passing by. Although Eita hesitate but seeing Ogata he realized he have to tell Margerie about it. Finally he resolute about something.

 SNS19 Eita and his news

  Although he’s not coming back but he still face the reality

Finally after a few hint that he get, he figure out their plan. The weak tomogara going to lure the other Flame Haze and release a small Fuzetsu to signal and pin point a long range attack. So he stopped, and release a huge scale fuzetsu instead. And he start slaying those Jaeger small fry, OMG he ‘s finally got some action. While at it he realize about his misbehave on last few days.

 SNS19 Yuji’s silver flame

 Don’t worry, I’ll burn you fast and well done

 SNS 19 Yuji with his cool pose~

He’s gonna kick some ass~

 After he finished them, Shana and Wilhelmina came. They found out the wanderer and stop his bullets, which create a big explosion and devour itself. But apparently the fight has just begin…

 SNS19 hanging

I know I’ve been naughty, but this is a bit embarrassing~ 

 SNS19 Flame Winged Shana

Oh, you can still talking back, huh~ I’ll spank you when we get home~ 


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