Another Hectic Day~

Shana in Suit

 The pics doesnt have any connection with this btw~

Though these last few weeks things looks smooth but, its so packed with many things and it’s starting to sow problems.

This is just a rant and personal thought~

Today everything started as usual but as soon as I arrive everything start to toppling down, begin from the report that suddenly have to be built. Then I start found mistake in the previous report that gonna be distributed today, so we resend it. After a hectic morning and everything start to calms down, there is another bit of mistake found but its already distributed. So… I felt like there’s a roller coaster in my stomach.

It’s not like, I like to making mistake, but rather pieces of troubles comes bit by bit and it all just bind together in the end. And my boss is a kind person, so I felt awfully guilty.

I don’t know what else to do and how to face him later on. Thank God this Friday is a holiday, I should take a breather and reflect back on what happen these last few weeks. I should re-arrange my priority, though I’m not a consistent type I guess it’s time to settle down more.

Regarding this I start to think whether my hobby is bothering my job. I guess in a certain extent, I already broke the limit.  Though I say I should be more serious but sometimes I just felt lonely struggling alone.

Sorry this writing is all messed up somehow~

T__T I think I can’t sleep tonight~ but what happen has happen~ so this time I have to let it be and start walking forward again~


One thought on “Another Hectic Day~

  1. Hm….aku juga sering ngalamin hectic day sampe pengen cabut rasanya…..tapi ya…kl udah ngobrol bareng2 temen, trus beresin kerjaan pelan2…ilang deh satu2…heheh…kayanya kita perlu charge battery again ya gery…pengen ke situlembang lagi atau gathering lagi.. 😉

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