Macross Frontier – Preview

Macross Frontier Poster

(image from the original site 

This on coming spring we have packs of new anime on the list: Code Geass R2, Haruhi Season II (really?), To Love Ru and one of them is Macross Frontier. Yes, a new Macross sequel series…

NTT Resonant’s goo Internet portal website has confirmed that the Macross F (Frontier) sequel is planned for a Spring 2008 broadcast. The finalized story will take place in A.D. 2059, five decades after the story of the first Macross television series and less than two decades after the last two major sequel stories, Macross Plus and Macross 7. In the story, the Macross Frontier space colonization fleet is hosting a concert of an idol singer from the nearby Macross Galaxy fleet when a mysterious enemy attacks.

The January issue (on sale December 10) of Kadokawa’s Newtype magazine will confirm the project’s voice cast. Newcomer Megumi Nakajima had previously won a nationwide audition to perform and sing as Ranka Lee, a high school student who works part-time at a Chinese restaurant. Yuuichi Nakamura (Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s Graham, Clannad’s Tomoya) will play the main male lead, the fighter pilot trainee Alto Saotome. Aya Endo (Lucky Star’s Miyuki, Gundam 00’s Kinue) will play Sheryl Nome, the current top idol in the Macross universe. Hiroshi Kamiya (Honey and Clover’s Yuuta, Gundam 00’s Tieria), Jun Fukuyama (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’s Lelouch), and Houko Kuwashima (Gundam Seed’s Flay, Inuyasha’s Sango) will play the supporting characters of Mikhail Buran, Luca Angeloni, and Nanase Matsuura, respectively.

The official Macross website has confirmed that this month’s Macross 25th Anniversary Special program will feature co-creator Shoji Kawamori as a guest and a 27-minute director’s cut of the first episode of Macross Frontier. Kawamori will be working with the studio Satelight (Noein, Macross Zero) and composer Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop) on the new series. The special will also feature the television entertainers Hiroyuki Miyasako, Chihara-Junior, Shinya Arino, and Akane Ōsawa.


I already saw the first episode and it was awesome~ especially the CG, I cant judge the story yet but it’s pretty interesting, especially with Ranka Lee the Nihao-nyan~ girl XD ( the green hair one )

Short clips of her dance (21 secs )

That was one teaser episode, I can’t wait too see the premier in a few weeks

(Click to enlarge~)

VF25 - Valkyrie Model

Just look at that model, Gar~ isn’t especially when its animated~ Though I love the Macross Zero environment CG but this one isn’t so bad either.


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