Once Upon a Time on My Holiday~

Before I start, I want to apologize cause I think I should reduce my Review, I got my hands full, so I gonna kept Shana and Gundam 00, but I’m not gonna consistent on other series. Thank You for your concern 🙂

Today, as usual, my parents goes to Lembang. They usually went around once a week to Carmel Seminary and Church to pray with another couple, which are their friends. And since I don’t have any plan today, since they invite me, I tag along. It’s not long until I regret that decision, hearing them yapping all the way long (also all the way back). But in the middle of the trip I actually get some interesting experience.

We went through the road from Dago. But on one of the road, between Lembang City and Maribaya, we got flat tire. Thankfully there’s just a tire patcher shop (di US kayanya ga ada sih khusus tukang tambal ban di pinggir2 jalan, paling bengkel~ correct me if I’m wrong XD).

As soon the car parked on the road side he just finished a customer wheel, so he quickly bring a jack, and start lifting the car and replace the flat tire. And my mom (and her friends which obviously woman) just couldn’t sit still and start looking around at a veggie field beside the shop. And obviously, they start buying veggies. They bought a bunch of onion stick, lettuce, and more lettuce even there’s one still in the the plastic bag pot (of course alive).

Apparently the landowners son is the patcher, they are tenglang too~ (Tenglang is slang for Chinese descendant, who didn’t live on the main land (I think~)). So many Veggies there lettuce, coleslaw, cassava, even strawberry too, and many more. The landowner, who born in Sukabumi, used to work in Jakarta on one of the famous housewife magazine. After he retired, he live there.

Veggie field in Lembang

It’s a small field but have many veggies, part hobby, part job probably~

And they even gave us bonus~ a bunch of Guava (three small plastic bags)~ not forgot to mention that its really cheap and the veggie is really fresh (though, after all day in the car, I doubt its still fresh) 😀 ~ They are nice people, so if you passing by there try to buy some veggies and say “hi” for me.

It’s been a few months since I last went to Carmel, the crucifixion path has been changed and they even change the statues to a new set. Although It’s look more neat and elegant but since I went there since I was child it felt some parts have gone. They still left the St.Mary statue, the main cross and the grave replica on the back though.

The new bronze(?) statue on Carmel, Lembang

The new statue, neat but too extravagant I think~

So we walk and pray for around thirty minutes~ Carmel on holiday is so packed with people, the parking lot is full of cars.

After we goes down from Lembang, we went to the Kukuruyuk weekend market. Kukuruyuk is Cock-a-doodle-do, the cock cry during the dawn. The place is just like a bazaar, its an open air market and some entertainment stalls, many kinds of stalls, horseback rides, ATV, flying fox ride, and our destination the food court.

The Kukuruyuk weekend market

At the front of food court building, its huge~

My parents friend have a stall in the food court, the Kantin Puspa express chinese food, and this is the first time I go there.

The inside of the Kukuruyuk foodcourt

The food court is quite lively, you can found almost all kind of Bandung’s food here~

As soon as we arrive, we order our lunch. The food we all order is so mixed up, from Indonesian food like Gudeg, Tahu Gejrot, and Chinese food: pork and hainam chicken to western food: Zupa soup and chilly dog. And I eat a bit of all of them XD, man that really make me stuffed.

The place is quite simple but comfy, with long wooden chairs and tables. The surrounding are opeL, without walls except around the stalls. So cool air kept blowing in and the lighting is decent. I would like to came back here again.

The olds people still talking till dusk, I met Marvin there and many of my parents acquaintances too~ the place is nice but a bit far from my house.

And so before I goes back I found some stalls with interesting Souvenir, so I’d buy a cute one for my friend~ and afterwards we ride back home~


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