Hayate no Gotoku – episode 46: His Name is Miracle Ball Pitcher, Wataru!!!

Hayate46 Title Screen

This episode is dedicated to Wataru, no wonder it’s full of Isumi fan service XD~

One day Wataru is shocked on whathe sa~ It’s Isumi in Uniform~! Well, she always wears Kimono and more over the girl who always lost (She even lost in her own backyard XD) ride a bus on herself.

Hayate46 Stalking Isumi

OMG Isumi in Uniform! BTW stalking is bad mmkay~

Like common boys in puberty he start depress and think wether she found someone~ This of course made his maid Saki-san~<3 really worried~ He even ask on Nagi, the one that he hate~

A bit worried Nagi ask Hayate to follow him a bit~ And Wataru determined to check on what Isumi doing. It turns out that Isumi is heading to Hayate previous high school. This start even more confuse Wataru because inside the school she start wondering around the clubs in the school~

Hayate46 Isumi on Leotards

Fan service…

Hayate46 Isumi as Cheerleader

More fan service…

Hayate46 Isumi in School Mizugi

Wataru probably dying from excessive nosebleed now… XD

While wataru investigating Hayate met his old friend there, and ask is there any strange happening around, she start telling about the ghost of one of the club manager~ Though he first think it’s just a joke, Hayate finally realized why Isumi come to this school.

Meanwhile Wataru and Saki who still follow her, as she this time become a manager of a baseball club. As he see one of the cool senpai who talk with him, he thought that she fall for him. And he become depressed~ he assume that because she wont like him coz he’s no sportsman.

Hayate 46 Isumi and a guy with board face

WTh~ btw from what anime is that guy anyway since I rarely read sport manga~

Hayate46 Wataru in Despair

Zetsubou~!!! Sportsman has make me in despair~!!!

Of course its wrong~ but to encouraged her Saki advice him to challenge the guy~

Hayate46 Saki and the baseball way

I choose you, Wataru~ Quick Attack~! (lol good old pokemon jokes~)

Meanwhile trying to wipe his sweat Isumi finally found what she’s looking for~ The female ghost manager that she’s trying to exorcise~ She appear out of jealousy because she want to wipe the guy sweat~ To calm her down Isumi offer herself as a medium to fulfill her dying wish. And just before she’s about to do it… Wataru appear…

Hayate46 Wataru and his big fight

 OmG teh animals came out from the zoo~

And obviously Wataru lost. Once she wipe his sweat, the ghost goes in peace… and happy~ Isumi who get exhausted caught by Hayate before she falls and so does Wataru by Saki-san. But somehow Isumi misunderstood and thank Wataru for trying to help her~

Hayate46 Isumi and Wataru~

“Im sorry but I gonna get married with Hayate-sama~”
Hayate: “

and so its all end well~ medetashi~ medetashi~

BTW I have 47 and 48 but Istill got a bunch to write: Shana 20 and 21, Gundam 21, and Clannad 19 -20 too (>_<) argh~ I’m so dead tired though~


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