Hayate no Gotoku – episode 47: Sure, Amuro Had a Place To Return To, But…

Hayate47 Title Screen

More fun from Hayate no Gotoku~ this time Hayate facing a big one, his robot clone~

The story begin when there’s a breaking news that getting cut off on the beginning… lets forget that for now~

Nagi concern with Hayate grade, since he’s score is barely safe because Hakuo Academy have such a high standard (not for the teacher apparently~ Yukiji is one good example XD ). so give him arest to study for a few days.

 Hayate47 Hayate need study

Nuu~ I will slack off and became an otaku if I stop woking~ 

And as usual Klaus appear out of nowhere, offering silly ideas to replace him for awhile with another nursing robot or the Nursing Robot 13 which bizzarely looks like Hayate~ or not~

Hayate47 Klauss to the rescue

I know how to make him obedient~

Hayate47 The nursing robot 13

Lets change him into a cyborg~

 While in his room Hayate study under Sakuya supervision~ which also distract him somehow with the temporary replacement butler matter~

 Hayate47 Study is hard

Noo I don’t want to be a cyborg~
Then we’ll replace you~!

Relentlessly he quietly take a peek on the new Butler, he glad it was another stupid robot. But turns out this one is not “stupid” at all. He manage to get along with Nagi and Maria

 Hayate47 13 flirt with Maria~

But you looks cool as a cyborg too Hayate-kun~♥ (really?)

Though this make him worry, Hayate still studying diligently. Meanwhile Nagi a bit bothered while Hayate away want to check about him~ And the robot start suggesting her~

First is Maria, the he makes Nagi jealous for Sakuya cooking~ and finally its only Nagi and Hayate alone~ and apparently it is his plan to let them both alone~

 Hayate47 Maria-san goes Neko-mimi~♥

If you become cyborg I’ll put this everyday you know~♥

 Hayate47 13, Mission complete~

If Maria-san said so then I’ll do it~♥

Back to the breaking news, apparently a giant asteroid is gonna hit the city~ Eh~ yeah~ Lol that asteroid shape, isn’t that a referenced from Kamen Rider Kabuto?

Unable to do something, they start to panic. But  13 suddenly said that he can stop it by self destruct himself ~ though Nagi crying and trying to stop him, but he’s only smile and thank her~ and off he go~

 Hayate47 13, ready to launch~

Nekomimi BANZAI~!!!
Maria: “Wait don’t say that to the whole world~!”

And once again humanity survive the natural disaster~  though it doesn’t really make sense with the story~ XD


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