Shakugan no Shana II – episode 20: Rose Madder-Colored War

SNS20 Title Screen

The action starts NOW~ woohoo~ but this episode a bit static though~

As soon as Bifron the Wanderer defeated, something blew up and scattered from below, and explosion of rose colored fire that caught all the hunters in surprise~

SNS20 Surprise attack

The Rose-colored flame suddenly bursting from below

As soon as Yuji begin to regain consciousness the city already filled with fire. But just before he start moving someone appear and stab his bookmark that has been given by Margery~ He’s astonished because he couldn’t sense him at all before~

SNS20 Yuji awaken

OMG is this hell?

SNS20 The Destructive Blade, Sabrac

Yes, this is hell and I’m the the devil.
Good evening, you can call me Sabrac if you like or… *blush* Sa-chan~ fine too.

Yes its the famous tomogara hunters assasin, the Destructive Blade, Sabrac. But just in time Carmel came and stop him before he begin another attack. This time his target is Yuji, or to be more specific, the Reiji Maigo inside him as requested by the Ball Masque.

SNS20 The Manipulator of Object, Wilhelmina Carmel

Don’t worry an angel gonna save you from the yaoi devil~

Meanwhile Carmel and Yuji trying to survive Shana and Margery get injured by the sudden explosive attack. While run and hide Carmel told him about Sabrac and how he and the engaged link (Pheles and Johann) facing him before. Sabrac is an assassin and just like this time he just could pop anytime, anywhere without warning. What’s more dangerous is on his first blast the Stigma makes the wound getting bigger in every ticking clock, so his prey who face him will just kept getting weaker and weaker. All of them Carmel, Shana and Margery has bee wounded by the first attack so the time is getting out.

SNS20 Pursuit of Destructiveness

No, he’s mine Yuji-kun~♥ !!!

On battle he kept fiercely bursting his flame which have hidden blade inside. Although Carmel manage to get him cornered with blasting attack he just kept rising just like an immortal zombie. Though finnaly Carmel managed to trick him so Yuji could run.

SNS20 Explosion~

“Come back, Yuji-kun~♥! BOOOM~!!!”
Margery:”So that pervert devil comes back eh~”

Yuji who managed to run under the sewer line seems found something, and next week (I already saw ep 21 though) the hunters gonna do something~

SNS20 Run Yuji Run~

Run Yuji, RUN~!

SNS20 Sabrac VS Carmel

Noo~! You make him escape~♥ You’ll have to pay with your body~


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