No moving parts, no batteries.

No monthly payments and no fees;

Inflation proof, non-taxable,

In fact, it’s quite relaxable;

It can’t be stolen, won’t pollute,

One size fits all, do not dilute.

It uses little energy,

But yields results enormously.

Relieves your tension and your stress,

Invigorate your happiness;

Combats depression, makes you beam,

And elevates your self esteem!

Your circulation it corrects

Without unpleasant side effects

It is, I think, the perfect drug:

May I prescribe, my friend,… the hug!

(and, of course, fully returnable!)

Author Unknown – from Food For Thought Mailing List

Maybe I need one~


3 thoughts on “HUGS

  1. “(BTW there’s no such thing yaoi stuff route!!! so put away that wild imagination~! XD )”

    heh need to play more before you make statements like that

  2. OK, I said there is no such “route”~ but there’s some scene (non picture) Like Sunohara and Kappei~ I know haven’t play it completely T__T sorry, I just dun have that much time~ But I still refuse there’s such route :P~ unless Key gonna make all his customer sick~

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