Shakugan no Shana II – episode 21: Combined Might

Epic Screen

SNS21 Title Screen

Yeah finally after weeks of waiting, finally an action epic~ btw I really suggest you saw the anime first though, I don’t really want to spoil your fun~

After Yuji manage to escape from Sabrac, he quickly goes to Shana side. While Shana get treatment by Yoshida, Yuji arrive and he bring some bandages too from Carmel. When Shana try to go to Wilhelmina, Yuji stop her and said that he had a plan, so he said that they should head to Margery for now.

SNS21 Yuji manage to escape~

Oops~ looks like I found two girls to flirt~

Meanwhile Carmel try her best to hold him down, her injuries and exhaustion start to slow her down. Until finally she can’t dodge anymore. But just before his blade pierce her, suddenly a crimson flame blazing and stop his attack. Shana appear from above and step into the battle and while her sword clash with him, she secretly throw a new bookmark from Margery.

SNS21 Carmel-san cornered

Give back my Yuji-kun~

Sabrac really surprised seeing Shana fly around and seems uninjured from his Stigma. And finally Carmel reveal her secret, she wrap herself in new bandages and magic circles start appear. It’s the spell that have been made by the previous mystes of the Reiji Maigo, Johann. After a few head-on Johann manage to cure the Stigma and heal the wound completely. And the real battle begins, or so she think, but as soon as Carmel ready to attack Yuji stop her while communicating through the bookmark. While he explain why he stop her, Shana distract him.

SNS21 Johan~

Johann: “If you mess up with my whore you’ll gonna pay Sabrac~!”

SNS21 Carmel and the anti-Stigma

With love and justice, I’ll punish you~♥

SNS21 Shana and Carmel ready for a come back

Shana isn’t your skirt a bit too short for flying like that?

So here we got a little flashback, Yuji met with Margery and while giving her the spellcasted bandage. He realize how he sneak into the city undetected regardless of his huge flame of existence. He previously distribute his “body” so it spread throughout the city so the existence felt small enough to go unnoticed by all the Flame Haze, more over he also sent Zarovee and Bifron to distract their attention. But Yuji can felt it ambiguously, and he suspect it since in the hole that blown up by Bifron before Yuji can’t felt that feeling. And while Sabrac is in passive mode he could detect anything on the city, so while the Flame haze loose their guard he suddenly attack with a huge blast and Stigma then he appear. That’s explaining why every time he blasted he seem regenerated so quickly, his energy recharged from the “body” which spread in the city. But while he appear he can’t seem made another huge blast nor attacking another person at the same time. but this also meant that the one who attack is the “Brain”.

SNS21 The Hunter Gather~

Listen peeps we’re gonna smash that gay for good~

Instead of blasting the whole town, Yuji knew that he have to cut off the “body” from the “brain”. So Margery is the one who can make such thing happen. how you ask? I’ll let you see it on the anime yourself 😛

SNS21 We got you~

Oh no~! its the rainbow of love, I’m doomed

SNS21 Carmel and Margery

Yeah feel the anger for playing maidens heart~

And after he got cut off the rest is easy, Shana blast that guy to ashes. But before she fly to caught up she looks at Yuji trying to say something… but said nothing instead. Surprisingly Alastor asking about why she didn’t confess it XD~ yadda Alastor-san~

SNS21 OMG I’m gonna die… oh, it’s white~

The last thing he saw in his life is… white XD

SNS21 Shana blush~ Kawaiiii~!!! *scream like a girl~*

My favorite part of the show: “URUSHAI~URUSHAI~URUSHAI~!!!”

Man that was some action I even turn up my Speaker in full~ I wish there will be more toward the last episode, but for next week it seem gonna be love-love triangle episode~ 😀


2 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana II – episode 21: Combined Might

  1. blushed girls are cute _3_

    the one with band-aids look delicious tooo…

    Yatta! Aniki.. gw di Bandung… mo menjarah ne Aniki wakekekeke

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