CLANNAD: The Visual Novel

Clannad Game Poster

As the series end, I manage to get my hand on the game. 1.34 GB is not small >_< and I still have to get the voice patch too. I thank to the people from the Baka-Tsuki Project for their hard work for translating this game, Otsukare~. And also people who compile the English patch. The translation isn’t 100% yet (95% probably) but its quite good.

BTW I haven’t wrote in a while. I’m really apologize for that~ work and stuff coming so fast so I couldn’t really cope with the review T__T hontouni gomenasai desu~

I’ll give a lil sneak peek of how much I’ve done the game. I’ll give spoiler warning to Kyou Fan BTW~ (though I haven’t got her ending)

Actually I haven’t finish a single scenario yet ( Already get 4 failed endings though X_X )

Clannad Game Main Title

This is the point where it got realyyyy depresing~

As usual if I play a dating sims, I play it freely through the options before finally set an eye to a girl~ I walk around, enjoy his pranks to Sunohara (lol he’s realllyyyyyy~ silly, but at a point he can be a good guy).

CLANNAD game - Kyou Taunting

Kyou~ she’s really challenging to get~

CLANNAD Game - Touch your what?

Let me touch… WAHT? XD ROFL~
It’s seems to get Nagisa route is pretty straight but since I haven’t finish it completely who knows. Somehow in the middle I decide to try to get Kyou, and instead I get her sister route instead as she hook me up with her. I thought if I play along, I get her route (I thought its gonna be on of those love triangle story, I was correct, but not the ending I expect X_X) but instead I got a tragic one~

CLANNAD Game - I’m sorry Kyou TT___TT~


This sounds silly but I got really depressed~ and I’ve betray Ryou too~ TT__TT (I’m sorry Ryou-chan~ *bow* ) I think I’ll try to get Ryou first since I notice if the choice for sticking with her is quite clear~

We’ll thats it for now~ IT’S ZETSUBOU~ THIS GAME HAS MAKE ME INTO DESPAIR~ at least for now~ bb~


10 thoughts on “CLANNAD: The Visual Novel

  1. where did you get the game? ive serached for hours but i havnt find a way to dl it can you post a link or something like that???

  2. Err…. New anime….. ** breasts detected **

    ** what a honest person **

    no.. that’s aspiration….. fetish…. ho ho ho ho

    ** little big damaged though **

  3. I tried playing Misae’s route first, but I ended up on Kyou’s. Then when I actually played Misae’s route, I found out you had to play Tomoyo’s directly after hers to get her light. I hate Tomoyo for some reason…….

    • Well It’s either PC, PSP or PS2. Try to find it in torrents~ but it would probably slow to download. If U can’t read kanji, PC is your choice since the patch only available in the PC version.

  4. Can I still download it somewhere? Can’t find it anywhere, except on hongfire but I already knew that one. The uploader is not seeding anymore so it’s pretty useless except for the english patch. ..So, um, where can I get it? (:

  5. holas a todos q le guste el anime busco amigos q le guste anime asi espero encontrar me gusta clannad saikano bleach one piece naruto d gray man hitman reborn get baker basilik

  6. clannad is one of my favourite…. bamboo blade is also my favourite now i don’t know what to choose… it’s hard to choose my god!!!!!! hahaha… :)))

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