My Poor Laptop

As some of you probably notice, my laptop got splashed and now I still claiming the warranty. So It’ll take (at least they say ) two weeks to claim it. And my PC still kidnapped by my brother, so I’m incapable of filling my blog for a while. (I can’t do much with this office PC)

So pray for my laptop T__T ~

And looks like I hafta suspend downloading anime too~ *sigh~ 😦

Code Geass R2 – 1st Episode: The Day the Demon Awaken

It’s hereeee~!!! Yeah the second season of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. After the shocking cliffhanger of the first season, again we have the first second season episode in a blast.

Code Geass R2 Title

As I saw the the scene (and the preceding commercial) you probably asking the same thing… what happen on last climax or cliffhanger? apparently… you won’t get it directly.

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The Indonesian ISPs Block Some Major Sites

Due to some stupid people making some stupid film and responded by stupid government people, other people become victim. Blocking YouTube and Rapidshare? Oh come on~!!! Grow Up people~!!! I think the more they block it the more people curious about the content of that stupid movie. Personally I don’t care but now it’s blocking some access, it start to tick me off.

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It’s the Beginning of the Spring Season Anime

As usual I’m very sorry, these last few weeks my job has been hectic and there’s events here and there, so the review have stopped for awhile. But I promise I’ll try to keep up posting.

As last season passing by and although there’s some disappointment on why some show have unsatisfying ending, last week was the exciting beginning of the spring season anime.

I already have some first episodes downloaded, including the most anticipated sequel of Code Geass: The Code Geass R2 and also To-Love-Ru. I also anticipated for Kanokon, Kurenai, Nabari no Ou and of course The Macross Frontier. Although there are also some other interesting titles, I’m afraid I dont have the leisure to download all of it since the connection is, well… expensive and slow (>_<)

Rebellion of Lelouch

Who know I might switch series as the season goes along, but I still have high expectation on Code Geas R2 and Macross Frontier.

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My Best Friend Wedding (aka The Daughter of My Parent’s Friend Wedding)

Ketika senja turun,
bintang ‘kan luruh menjadi embun.
Yang menggoresi setiap daun,
dengan namamu sepanjang tahun.

When the dawn comes down,
The stars dissolved into the morning dew.
Which marked every leaves,
with Your name all over the years

(Ayu Kartika Dewi)

This poem is written behind the book for their wedding mass, as I sat on the church seat I start wonder about what it means…

The Church before the wedding begin

Last Sunday, I attend the wedding of my friend, Vern and her groom Yophi. You could say the bride is a childhood friend of mine. She’s a few years older than me and her parents are close to my parents and I met her first when our parents gather.

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CLANNAD: The Visual Novel – part II

I have to salute to Key for this one…

It’s a friggin’ complex routes (@_@) one vital choice wrong and poof~ and You wouldn’t know until further back~ and there’s always different story appearing for almost every single choice. No wonder people said it took 300 hours in average to get the whole scenario~ yeah 300, Three hundred hours!!! It’s not a typo. Now I’m really salute to the translator and people in AOI for making the patch.

But throughout the stories (in exception of the bad ending) the joke, the drama is really touching (the bad ending very irritating, but also felt challenging) and the stories impeccably woven throughout the scenario. Even in the side scenario of Sunohara, I got my eyes wet a bit. I also have settled down the Fujibayashi Ryou route but nothing really dramatic happen on her route, so I’m starting to doubt that that’s the Ryou’s “true” route.

CLANNAD - Sunohara, Sanae-san and Mei

(click for much larger image~)

Voice Patch download status: 55.1% of 1.02 GB (>_<)

I’ll put more spoiler and screen shot ahead, open at your own risk~

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