My Best Friend Wedding (aka The Daughter of My Parent’s Friend Wedding)

Ketika senja turun,
bintang ‘kan luruh menjadi embun.
Yang menggoresi setiap daun,
dengan namamu sepanjang tahun.

When the dawn comes down,
The stars dissolved into the morning dew.
Which marked every leaves,
with Your name all over the years

(Ayu Kartika Dewi)

This poem is written behind the book for their wedding mass, as I sat on the church seat I start wonder about what it means…

The Church before the wedding begin

Last Sunday, I attend the wedding of my friend, Vern and her groom Yophi. You could say the bride is a childhood friend of mine. She’s a few years older than me and her parents are close to my parents and I met her first when our parents gather.

You could say she’s talented, diligent and talkative. At least the groom won’t regret to pick her. Although recently I rarely talk with her because she’s work abroad, she used to be in the same group in my CLC sharing group.

My parents help them and become a committee for the ceremony. Even I wearing a suit, and its making sweat and hot like a portable sauna (x_x). Thank God the weather is cool outside.

The mass is long, but I still enjoy it. The choir is good, but the most interesting parts are there so many good song sang by the choir, the bride’s sister, even the pair themselves. Actually I recorded it on cell, but I think I shouldn’t just spread it without permission πŸ˜› . The Pastor who lead the mass is actually her eldest uncle, He tease them a lot on the sermon, people can’t helped snicker and laugh, but the message is clear, they should prepare for whatever coming ahead. And there’s also the best friend speech, which also long, entertaining, and a bit embarrassing for the pair XD.

The Wedding Mass aka Wedding concerto~

After the mass end, we quickly head down to where the party held. since my mom have to check for the food, we came early on the spot, and yeah, no time for shower. (>_<)

The party or ceremony is contrasting to the previous scene. It’s a mixture between western and Javanese style (or more precisely Surakarta’s style). The pair are paraded to the throne in the center of the front hall, slowly and elegantly with the song of gamelan (tape).

The Celebration Ceremony in Java style

There’re so many people jam pack in the huge hall~ but it went well~ Btw the foods are good, there’s so many things served from Korean BBQ, soup, salad, Cordon Bleu, the regular chinese food, and of course desserts: pudding, ice cream, and crepes. Yum~

Last words from me, Congratulations on your new journey. May your journey be fulll of blessing, joy, and happiness~


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