Tagged : 100 Things About Me

Uh~Oh~! 100 things about me…

Someone Tag me to compile this list.. and I must Tag another person to do the same… (If they see it)

so here they are:

  1. I’m big
  2. literally
  3. My blood type is O
  4. I’m shy if I met new people
  5. I’m talkative after I knew someone well
  6. I’m easily persuaded
  7. I’m an Otaku… maybe
  8. I love Computer stuff
  9. I’m a gamer without a single console (only PC and my old sega megadrive)
  10. I currently have 3 unfinished sim dating game unfinished
  11. and I can play it all day long.
  12. My biggest stupidity in game stuff was I safe an RPG when the game hang instead of load, and it was already far too >_< (Lufia SNES on PC emulator)
  13. I already play Pokemon Yellow, Red, Silver, Gold and currently playing Diamond
  14. I want a PSP
  15. I love anime
  16. I love shonen manga
  17. I still have an imaginary friend
  18. Even now in my head there are several imaginary stories
  19. I never had a job interview
  20. yet I’m working
  21. My #1 favorite manga is Love Hina
  22. I can’t really express my thought verbally
  23. I like to read
  24. I don’t have actual preference on music, it depend on my mood
  25. I’m single
  26. The one who was breaking my hearts the first time, sit right beside me at the office (coz’ he took my first love)
  27. but we’re good friends now
  28. I’m often indecisive
  29. I’m often left something unfinished
  30. I’m good at learning new things
  31. I’m bad on maintain learning the same thing
  32. I hate being late
  33. I like my computer setting neat
  34. I hate n00bz that pretend that they know everything
  35. I hate computer sales who don’t understand a single technical things
  36. I don’t like to grown up
  37. Yet I’m quite grown up
  38. I used to like drawings
  39. I’m still like it but I never had a chance
  40. I already made 3000 post on downloadanime forum
  41. Most of them probably useless πŸ˜„
  42. My first manga-scan probably Love Hina
  43. My first manga is Doraemon
  44. I can read when I was 4
  45. My first comic is Donald Duck
  46. I got influenza at least once a year
  47. I always sneezes with combo
  48. I probably look at relationship too seriously
  49. I’m a gentlemen
  50. I like Reader Digest
  51. I’m still wearing my campus jacket
  52. I love Swing
  53. I have a death note
  54. with my father name on it
  55. but he didn’t die
  56. and thats good, I guess
  57. I already change this blog theme three times
  58. My business card says that I work in Jakarta, but my current office is in Bandung
  59. But that office is exist
  60. and I am working in that company
  61. they claim I’m as senior analyst
  62. and I never become a junior analyst before
  63. I’m quite a slacker
  64. I like my current boss
  65. I’m wearing T-shirt, Jeans and Spotec sneaker shoes to the office
  66. We’re sharing a single table in my office (except my boss upstairs)
  67. I’m the one who set up every single technical things there
  68. I have a WiFi Router at home
  69. I’m alergic to most cheap plastic
  70. I need a girlfriend
  71. My Laptop running approx. 12 hours a day
  72. I wear glassess
  73. I have thick hair
  74. I like navy color
  75. I hate durian
  76. I love Ifumie
  77. My brother held my PC as a hostage
  78. My regret is if I’m ignore my hunch and it came true.
  79. I like to sleep
  80. Yet I need to sleep more at night
  81. I love quiet places
  82. I don’t like Indonesian TV’s soap opera (sinetron)
  83. There’s a Golden Retriever roaming in the office
  84. I’m almost ran out of idea
  85. I’m a Kinetic person, I can’t stop moving while thinking (shaking pen, tapping foot, etc)
  86. My MBTI Type is INFP
  87. I have driver license
  88. but I rarely drive
  89. I hit a police car once
  90. I’m into Ignatian
  91. I prefer cool places than hot places
  92. I love Bandung
  93. My parents is not from Bandung
  94. I grew up in Bandung
  95. I don’t prefer sweet stuff/food
  96. Prefer Strawberry Ice Cream
  97. I love green tea
  98. I prefer tea than coffee
  99. I love milk
  100. I need to be more serious

and… who I should tag…

There’s only Marta, and Tenchi are free from my previous friend list, I hope she see this XD~


8 thoughts on “Tagged : 100 Things About Me

  1. yaapp..comment pertama

    71. I need a girlfriend

    gerry aniki… aku punya tuh..satu temen yg lagi jomblo juga.. wkwkwk… πŸ˜€

  2. btw aniki itu kaya manggil abang/kakak (utk yg lebih senior)~ πŸ˜›

    Bukannya gw SARA tp sebaiknya Christian or at least Buddhist or… TT__TT My mom would kill me~

    Personally I dun mind though~ πŸ˜€ so… boleh donk kenalan~

  3. @nai:
    I think I know who are you talking about, yep she pass your 1st requirement πŸ˜€

    Nai.. by calling Gerry Aniki won’t change the fact that u’re 2002 and I’m 2003 πŸ˜€

    — > My blood type is O
    People with “Zero” type is cool πŸ˜€

    –> I’m talkative after I knew someone well
    yep u are πŸ˜€

    –> I want a PSP
    me too πŸ˜„

    –> The one who was breaking my hearts the first time, sit –> right beside me at the office (coz’ he took the my first
    –> love)

    –> they claim I’m as senior analyst

    –> I don’t like Indonesian TV’s soap opera (sinetron)
    no one do >. I hit a police car once

  4. @reedler : Nai.. by calling Gerry Aniki won’t change the fact that u’re 2002 and I’m 2003 πŸ˜€ ->

    no correlation with you reed **jitak**
    gerry is really aniki ( you stayed in USA for 1 year, didn’t you?!)

  5. hehehe, gomen ne aniki just read ur post ^^,,
    been away from blog for months????
    too much youtube lately hehe

    @gerry aniki : My blood type is O
    @reedler : People with β€œZero” type is cool πŸ˜€
    me too, people w/ O type omoshiroii na hehe *narchist mode*

    –> I’m talkative after I knew someone well
    me as well, oh wait i think i’m always talkative from d 1st time we met yah? haha

    so the next tag is me?
    just wait ok, i need some times to do this, i don’t usually write sumting like this about my stuff, but i’ll do it for you aniki ^^
    ganbare ^0^

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