The Indonesian ISPs Block Some Major Sites

Due to some stupid people making some stupid film and responded by stupid government people, other people become victim. Blocking YouTube and Rapidshare? Oh come on~!!! Grow Up people~!!! I think the more they block it the more people curious about the content of that stupid movie. Personally I don’t care but now it’s blocking some access, it start to tick me off.

Although I could just re-route the connection but it’s a hassle if every time I wanna see a video I have to do that T_T. Seriously those government people just love taking shortcuts to solve  problems, I think they should shoot down all incompetent idiots who put them in the government seat. If I had a “death note” I’ll surely wipe them off the face of the earth, or… XD nah that just my rants. Killing people won’t solve problems. How I love and at the same time hate so much this country.

The more they make fuss of it the more its gonna blow up the problems. They should give more educated and civilized solutions: Seminars, Articles on the right perspective, and so on. But what do they do? blocking some sites that contain packs of other good information, it’s like killing a single rats with a nuclear bomb and wipe of the whole city with its people. Of course the rat probably die but is that efficient?

I surely can write a ton on this matter but it will never ends~

Here’s a piece from Kompas-Techno Articles:

Mulai Hari Ini Telkom Blokir Empat Situs

JAKARTA, SELASA – Menyusul langkah penyedia akses Internet lainnya, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) akhirnya juga menutup akses sejumlahsitus yang diketahui memuat film Fitna. Mulai hari ini, situs dan blog yang berlamat di YouTube, MySpace, Rapidshare, dan Meta Cafe tidak dapat diakses melalui layanan Speedy dan Telkomnet Instan.

“Sesuai arahan pemerintah (Depkominfo), Telkom melaksanakan aturan dan perundang-udangan yang berlaku di Indonesia,” kata Vice President Public dan Marketing Communication Telkom, Eddy Kurnia, dalam rilis persnya, Selasa (8/4). Berkenaan dengan penutupan itu, kata Eddy, tim Telkom juga terus memproses dan mencari situs-situs dan blog yang menayangkan film Fitna yang sempat menimbulkan kontroversi bukan saja di Indonesia tetapi juga di sejumlah negara lain.

Aksi blokir penyedia jasa internet terhadap situs dan blog yang memposting film Fitna, terkait Surat Menkominfo No. 84/M-KOMINFO/04/08 tanggal 2 April 2008. Dalam surat tersebut, selain meminta Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII), penyelenggara IIX (Indonesia Internet Exchange), penyelenggara OIXP (Open Inter Exchange Point) memblokir akses, juga meminta 146 penyelenggara jasa internet, serta 30 penyelenggara NAP (network access point).

Sebelumnya, manajemen PT Excelcominfo Pratama Tbk (XL) juga telah mengumumkan bahwa jaringan pelanggan internetnya tidak akan bisa mengakses situs-situs You Tube, My Space, Meta Cafe, dan Rapidshare sampai ada pemberitahuan selanjutnya. Sejumlah ISP seperti Dnet, BigNet, dan Firstmedia sudah melakukan peblokiran sejak kemarin.(ANT/WAH)


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