Code Geass R2 – 1st Episode: The Day the Demon Awaken

It’s hereeee~!!! Yeah the second season of the Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. After the shocking cliffhanger of the first season, again we have the first second season episode in a blast.

Code Geass R2 Title

As I saw the the scene (and the preceding commercial) you probably asking the same thing… what happen on last climax or cliffhanger? apparently… you won’t get it directly.

Somehow the scene begin back at the school. Where Lulu run from his PE teacher which is… Villeta? (O_o) lol nande ya nen? Not only that then suddenly appear a little brother too~ Rollo Lamperouge~ well never mind that for now. Meanwhile high above the city a giant airship is approaching, with rebels on the cargo.

The Rebel Airship above the city

She really love pizza…

One year after the Black Rebellion, the conquered Japan aka Area 11 is back to “normal” where Britanian step on the native people and it seems worse. Most of the Order of the Black Knight have been captured, and Zero reported as dead. As his usual days (back then) he still challenging people with chess, and today he up to met a guy called black king on a casino unknowing that some people were after him.

Lulu and Rollo on a ride to the Casino

As they ride, they didn’t know what’s waiting ahead~

On the other part of city, the empire welcome their guest… the Chinese faction… what roles would they have? we shall see.

The Chinese Bodyguard

He hates guys with belt…

But what he found there is Kallen (in bunny suit~<3 ) who got bullied by the so called “Black King” and then… rebels attack…

Kallen back in action

She’s back to get her lost love…

Kallen riding her knightmare

And she is serious… seriously sexy… XD

And after the confusion… one of the rebels Knightmare stop him and the pilot show herself, she is no other than C.C. But as she show herself the government agency appear for eliminating her. She return Lulu lost memories and finally he regained himself and of course… the Geass power. And if you saw what happen on the first episode of season one you probably can guess what happen next… ”

CC reveal herself

The princess have arrive…

The reviving kiss

…to revive the prince…

The return of the Demon

…but what she got is a demon

If powerlessness is a sin…
then is power justice?
Is revenge a sin?
Is friendship enough for justice?

Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you…
All of you…

Yeah the demon has coming to town~ and with this the round two of the rebellion is gonna begin.

But the empire won’t just sit still, they already prepare…

The three Britanian Knight


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