DNAngel Revival

The new chapters re-start~!

DNAngel manga by Sugizaki Yukiru is one of the shoujou manga that I read (and I rarely read shoujo/girls manga), it’s one of the famous manga that already animized and even aired here before. But just like Hunter X Hunter the series suddenly goes hiatus for a very long time. But last February the Asuka magazine in Japan continue to publish this series from volume 12. I really glad this finally continue, after they hanged last chapter unfinished. I hope they kept it up, at least until they had a proper ending.

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The Leadership Symphony

Last Monday, as usual my company held training for our client and this time is in the Novotel Hotel, Bogor, West Java. But this time we have a special guest speaker, one of the best conductors in Indonesia, some of you probably can guess. He is Addie MS, the conductor of the Twilite Orchestra.

The hotel

The hotel have a really nice outdoor sight~

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Kamen no Maid Guy – preview

Frontal assault!!
Piercing, flashing, center!!!

It’s a part of its hilarious and cheerful opening song by Kotoko.

I wasn’t really looking forward for this but when I saw the first episode of this… OMG I was literally Laughing My Ass Off Hysterically~

Anyway although I’m several weeks behind on this, I think I gonna collect this soon. It’s a comedy show, of course, with heavy ecchi (showing some tits too). So girls be warned 😛

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EDIT: Layout jam FIXED

EDIT: I found the problem. when I was surfing through the WordPress Forum Someone post the similar problem and the cause is there’s an unwanted set of <div> tag around the post and I found it on the Code Geass Ep 7~ I delete them and Voila~ back to normal.

If you’re wondering why I change my layout, it’s because somehow the last digg theme was in a mess. Somehow the right bar moved to the bottom of page.

I already try some other theme, but also had some layout problems, only this one looks decent. So until I found a solution, please bear with this.

ScribeFire: One of the ultimate firefox add-on bloggin’ tools~

Recently while adding collection of my FireFox add-on, I cross on this very useful add-on. It’s ScribeFire, with firefox it’s adding split screen on the FF browser. I could just write on this first and uploaded it later. The only complain that I have is, if I open my old blog post and edit it, it don’t have save button (or I can’t found the button, I dunno) and it’s repost it as new post.

The preview of ScribeFire on my PC

It’s supposed to be more useful if you have more than one blog to manage, but I only have one. If you interested just go to ScribeFire homepage or on the Firefox extensions web-page.