Code Geass R2 – episode 05: Knight of Rounds

This series really amusing from rebellion to high school, politics, love, comedy and mecha and packed in a really nerve wrecking episodes. So far it still kept me on the edge of the screen. And I can’t be laughing more evilly than seeing Governor Calares death.

There so many interesting parts especially episode 4 is really surprising, how he can take control of “him”. I’m already pretty sure that Lelouch 99% dead at the end of the third episode.(XD lol of course I know its impossible coz if he’s dead the series would be over)

Still I don’t know why the emperor just keep him alive.

The series begin after he finally release the rest of Order of the Black Knight. Although some members still felt resentment because he left them on the final fight of the Black Rebellion, and Zero only reply that It’s for victory without further excuse or apologize. But the general and Ohgi calms down the mass.

After a while, lelouch and his friends surprised by the most unexpected guest: Kururugi Suzaku. Yeah he’s now a Knight of Rounds now, an elite knight under direct order of the emperor himself. He’s returning to the school probably for one purpose, to stop Zero. While both of them met, there’s some short reminiscence of the past about how they are friends and at the same time foes, Lelouch of course still pretend that he is his childhood friend. His return is being welcome warmly by the remaining members of the student council gang except Rolo who can’t stop looking nervous and of course the faking Lelouch.

Suzaku, returns

Meanwhile in the Britannia base of Area 11 or Japan while observing some rebellion attack following the incident on Chinese Embassy, the knights attacked by an unknown Knightmare frame. After breaking through their defense, the intruder show himself, The Knight of Three Zino Weinberg and his variable Knightmare frame Tristan. And also another Knight of Rounds Anya and her Knightmare Mordred. They came testing their defense, but got stopped by Suzaku.

Zino, in his Knightmare Tristan

Anya, in her Knightmare Mordred

The Knights have gather, what would they do against Zero?

As Suzaku came it’s also the beginning of this year festival of the Ashford Academy, so it’s becoming his welcoming party. So the festival opened with Suzaku’s “Nyaa~n!” all over the school. And this is one heck school festival, also full of hmm~ delicious fan-service shots XD. Zino and Anya even visiting the Festivities and they look enjoying themself.

The Festival have begin~

And… of course the… SWIMSUIT CAFE~! XD

Though she disagree, I know you want a more close up shots~

But the chaos begin as C.C. Showing herself calmly (XD she definitely looks like ChaChamaru in Negima!) and Lelouch start hush her to the side of the festival. Almost got caught by Sherley, Lulu flip C.C. into a container full of high grade tomatoes, and before she “try” to confess another giant plushie chomp Lulu upper half. The giant doll is actually Kallen who try to get C.C. back and after a fuss Suzaku and Milly also appear because arthur (the cat) steal (again) Suzaku’s precious memento of Euphie and followed by Zino who lifting the tomatoes container with the classic knightmare frame (that supposed to be rode by Suzaku). And so arthur who got chased by the frame, starting another big round of chasing around the campus (remember the Zero helmet incident on season 1 XD). Lulu who afraid that C.C. getting caught, used his Geass so one of the student council starting to burst emergency anti-fire spray on the stage which conceal C.C. as she fallen from the container to the huge pizza.

C.C. and tomatoes~ yummy?

Look who’s jealous

Bottom shots XD

And so the big chase begin

…and also means that Lulu defeat since he’s physically weak XD but fear not he still has plan

…don’t forget more fan-service

Aftermath all the troubles, Lulu gather with Kallen and C.C. on the school roof, and conceal the relationship between Villeta and Ohgi. So he finally got her tail.

They met afterwards… and that black tanktop is hot…

In the eve of the festival Suzaku came to Lulu, fully aware who Zero is. He’s revealing his intention of becoming the Knight of One, the highest Knight of Round to gain an Britannian area which of course the Area 11. And also he told him about the next Governor of Area 11, the shocking truth for Lulu, Nunally Vi Britannia.



yeah, really.


5 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – episode 05: Knight of Rounds

  1. gerry…ketemuann yukk…
    ntar aku pinjem lagi DVDnya sepack kaya dulu :mrgreen:
    *mengatupkan tangan..dan memohon…sambil mata “clingg…clingg”

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