My Laptop Back~!!! (not 100% fit though)

Today I got a surprise call, the laptop repair has done. This keyboard still felt stiff coz its new. But I don’t have to pay a penny (or a rupiah… except for the transport at least). Thanks too Acer service for that, my TM3250 back to the road.

But the worst part… my taskbar doesn’t run~ so I have to run programs through the task manager. T_T looks like finally I have to repair the windows *sigh~

Yeah I still hafta restore back the windows into default factory settings and re-install all my software: Office, browser etc.

On the other hand I can reconfigure everything from clean… and now the windows felt work faster~ XD maybe just my feelings but I will start blogging again soon and I also plan o build a new PC though… T__T my savings gonna be flat again next month…


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