Macross Frontier – Episode 05: Star Date

Hmm, a date… is all we got on this episode… nevertheless, I found it amusing that love triangle is always interesting somehow.
And also we gonna hear more information about the invader this episode. And again… Ranka will be singing.

Ranka, got herself suspended because she’s trying to join the Miss Macross contest on previous episode. Also her brother scold him,and that finally made her snapped then kitchenware start flying everywhere XD. So she runs out and trying to search for Alto.

So she get herself into trouble…

and beware of flying kitchenware if you make a girl angry…

On last episode Sheryl and Alto finally met again, and now she’s back on her mission for the missing earring, (the earring was stuck on him due to circumstances on the first episode, and when she met him before the alien already creating a fuss so she forgotten to ask). And so Alto bring her to her school to find it, and had a little “vibrating accident” LOL.

Back to Ozma who frantically trying to find out Ranka whereabout, got himself an unexpected guest. The Macross government is asking him and the past Vajra incident eleven years ago.

In school, Ozma who contacting Michael and Luca, made Nanase worried and she urge them to look for Ranka but only Michael refused, since he don’t want to bother to meddle with the siblings quarrel. Then seeing Alto with someone this morning, Luca immediately call him, but of course Alto deny it since she wasn’t with her but she also can’t tell who’s with him now. Suddenly Sheryl cut the phone, and teasing Alto about Ranka. Alto also receive Ranka message, but he can’t contact her since she turn off hers. Meanwhile, actually Michael found her waiting on the school gate for Alto.

Back to Alto, he can’t find the earring for now so Sheryl confiscated the charms necklace on his neck. She said she would return it if he doesn’t agree to do as she told him. So he finally give up, and he agree to her request to take her around the Macross Frontier colony.

Her hand is quick for an actress

Hmm~ so the date begin…

And so they begin sightseeing or yeah, a date from other people perspective. Riding those electric train (like those in San Fransisco) and going to above the Macross dome for sightseeing. While watching through the telescope he accidentally caught a glimpse of Ranka and Michael who trying to convince him to come back. I wonder if its gonna be some misunderstanding in the future, kukuku~ and unknown by both couple they went on the same place, the Zentradi’s Mall complex.

And on the other side, Ozma seeing something incredible. The government laboratory actually keeping sample of one of the Vajra, though it’s already ceased function. The secret behind the Vajra, while equipped with heavy arms and weaponry, it apparently only have a simple brain structure. So they suspect it’s actually only a biological weapon.

And now on the shopping district Sheryl suddenly got some enlightenment and start writing a lyric for a song, so she made him waiting, and Alto start questioning about, “Why people want to fly or sing or even going into further onto space?” and Sheryl only answer briefly because they cannot do otherwise. They just want to do it, it’s only that simple. Meanwhile Michael challenge Ranka seriousness to become a singer, he want to see her performance on public.

Although she feels nervous at first, suddenly she saw a paper airplane which remind her of her conversation with Alto before. So she start gather all her courage and start to sing. She’s singing on fo Sheryl song “What ’bout my Star?” beautifully (Yeah its really nice, btw apparently it’s also the Ranka’s Seiyuu/ Voice Actress, Megumi Nakajima, debut) and caught the attention of all the Mall’s visitor. But not only people, back in the lab somehow the Vajra reacts on it. Alto and Sheryl who caught her voice approach and also watch her debut in amaze and relief. So she already blossom, she said.

Back to the lab as Leon continue on talking the progress of the research on Vajra, suddenly it came alive. And it start banging it’s head on the giant glass cylinder that sealed it, and people start panicking. Although he stunned for a moment, Ozma yell at him, and he realize he must do something. Just when the glass about to crack, he quickly press the emergency button which sealed the monsters and destroy it inside the containment.

After the small show, Ranka finally caught up with Alto. But even before she approach him, she saw Sheryl with him. Sheryl who finally return the charm and saying goodbye. Also she asked him to see her last performance on the Frontier show tour, and Alto promise to look for her missing earring and return it back. Somehow Sheryl gasp for a short period and than she smile and kiss his cheek before she leaving (aawwww~) and of course Ranka saw the whole thing. And that closing all the event for the day.

But on space, looks like the S.M.S got a new job as a Spaceship came folding from the Macross Galaxy… and so it’ll gonna continue on episode 6.


3 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – Episode 05: Star Date

  1. I see….

    *** my wild imagination bring me further ***

    Awh.. still try to finish my School Rumble 2 😀
    and waiting for my friend to finish his CodeGear download 😀

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