Code Geass R2 – episode 06: Pacific Surprise Attack Operation

Last week the Britannian have set their surprise on Lulu, and now the Black Knight also have surprised for them.

In the eve of the festival, Suzaku show him the new Governor of area 11 who is no other than Nunally, her own sister. Lelouch who can’t hurt her at all found a dillema. If he lying to her, she would be surprised and hurt. But if he tell the truth, Suzaku will know that Lulu memory have return. And if she become a Governor, that means the Black Knight have to take her down sooner or later.

But in the pinch of time, Rolo suddenly appear behind Suzaku and manage to stop his “time”. And this given Lulu opportunity to given explanation to her. But since the geass only work in a very short time, he can only manage to say that he have to lie and pretend that he don’t know her. And so he could easily slip through the dire situation, but the war has just begin.

Rolo appear on the right moment

Meanwhile back in the base of the Britannian mainland, General Upson and his fleet ready to transport the new Governor. He’s warned by Guilford to take countermeasure against the Black Knight, but the General refused him. And Prof. Lloyd also join them, he’s really and easy going fellow by calling the Emperor Koutei-chan XD (Koutei=the emperor, adding chan is a suffix for a girl or something cute but definitely not your boss or worse, an emperor~).

The Britannian crew is ready, with Lloyd silly attitudes…

And so Lulu preparing on set his upcoming strategy against this new situation, as he discuss with C.C. he point down again that his ultimate objective is for the sake of Nunally. He refused the Empire for using her as a political tool, that’s why he try to take down the Empire. And C.C. finally give information about V.V., that he (Charles, the Emperor, mention him as brother so I assume it’s “He” not “She”) is his first “ally”. First? so there are more? gah~! But when they say they swear on to take down the gods… T__T please don’t turn this around just like the second half season of Gurren Lagann.

The Emperor and V.V.

Meanwhile Suzaku and the Knights are surprised that the Black Knight already leaving the Chinese Federation Embassy, and the Black Knight probably only have one purpose: intercept the new governor vessel. So above the Pacific ocean they engage, the Black Knight under Zero command, swiftly taken down the escort vessel and land on the main airship.Of course Zero give clear and direct order to not harm Nunally.

The Knight of Rounds apparently didn’t predict this

Zero conquering the transport fleet

And Zero quickly infiltrate the main airship and finally meet face-to-face with his sister, but soon he’s found himself in another dilemma. Meanwhile outside, apparently Guilford silently support the rear and he also use a new Knightmare, the mass produced Lancelot class, just like the one that Rolo use. And not before long another backup came swiftly from area 11, It’s Tristan which came first, since it’s a special high speed air type, followed by other Knights of Rounds. General Upson also recklessly shooting the Black Knightframe above the airplane which causing the destruction of the main engine.

In the midst of chaos, Zero trying to convince Nunally to back off. But instead Nunally show that it is her decision to agree becoming a governor and reviving the plan that Euphy left, the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. Lulu or rather Zero is taken aback by surprise. And he can’t just abduct her because it’s going to be against her will.

And those confusion start taking toll outside, the Black Knight frame got defeated one by one. Also the main airship is falling because the stupid general who destroy it’s engine. Meanwhile Suzaku manage to get aboard the Lancelot and prepared for saving Nunally. he quickly join the battle and manage to taken down Kallen’s Guren. With Kallen down there’s only two unit remaining on the ship, and Mordred already handle one of them, so only General Todou left.

“Is the enemy Zero? or Lelouch?” wonder Suzaku

Lancelot, the white Grim Reaper, ready for some action.

Fallen, Kallen trying to use the emergency escape but the escape system apparently jammed. As she waiting for her last moment suddenly Lakshata appear on her communication screen. Below the pacific ocean the Black Knight submarine already stands by with the rest of the Black Knight crew. She cunningly already prepared the new airborne system for gurren, so she quickly told her to prepare. And now is the debut of new Gurren Nishiki system: the Gurren Kashoushiki (Aerial Type). With the new aerial type and new armor piercing arm, Gurren is back into action.

Lakshata already prepared for some surprise

The new Gurren Kashoushiki enter the battle

The new Gurren manage to took down Guilford unit and also stop the Tristan and Mordred, all this thanks to the new long range and disperse mode usage of the new arm. For Lancelot, Lakshata also prepared an air Gefjun Net, though its not stopping him but it slows him down.

The new Gurren is also able to stop him, only for awhile though.

But before they finished up their duel, they still have more dire objective since the main airship is gonna crash any moments now. So Lancelot quickly pierce down the airship leaving Gurren. And he manage to took her right in front of Zero, while Zero thrown outside and caught by Gurren. And with the main airship crash into the blue water, the events are all over.

Suzaku manage to get his hand on Nunally

And so this time Zero fails to fulfill his objective

Whoa, once again the episode rocks. with all the battle and the situation that turning to one side and other, rwally kept me on the edge of my seat. Looks like things gonna shaken up Lulu since he can’t get to her. And Gurren Kashoushiki transformation is just cool.


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