Code Geass R2 – episode 07: The Discarded Mask

Twist after twist, Code Geass definitely one of this season most awaited series, though this episode show too much Lulu emo sides.

The scene begin with the emperor speech, to torn down all hypocrite with their justice and moral and to prove the law of survival of the fittest, the Britannian going to overrule all nation. Really such a disgusting speech, but everything is yet to be revealed.

“I declare that all female Britannia officer must use a short skirt~!”

After the failed kidnapping attempt, Lulu awaken back in his room back in the academy. He realize that now Nunnally has pick her own road, therefore Zero and the Black Knight is unnecessary anymore.

Rolo: “Are you awake now?”
Lulu: “I think I just got nightmare seeing the emperor wearing a short skirt…”

After awhile it’s finally the inauguration of the new Governor, while the academy is preparing for a field trip (what a silly preparation lol) the students is gathered on the academy auditorium to watch her speech. After she introduced herself she pronounced a shocking announcement to rebuild the Special Administrative zone of Japan, the one that Euphy try to build in the last season. Euphy… (TT__TT) her death was shocking, at least for me~. But since the last incident the Japanese probably won’t buy this anymore, and all that speech only replied by cynicism by either Japanese and Britannian. Only Suzaku and Lulu know that she meant what she said, and this make Lulu more depressed. So he silently walks out in the middle leaving the academy in confusion.

Nunnally: “Short skirt… but I prefer bloomers”
Suzaku: “Oy, that’s even worse!”

I spot a Lolicon~

Meanwhile back in the Black Knight base Kallen unable to contact Lulu. While she felt unease, Kaguya came. And she pronounced the establishment of Zero’s harem kukuku~. And they agreed that they would support Zero whatsoever.

Kallen worried about Lulu

Zero Angel’s Combine~

Guillford now have to face her deadly sandwich~ XD

While straying alone Lulu have to face that he no longer useful, he saw how even among elevens they step on each other. In desperation he just abused his geass (Whoa, I soo wanna do that XD just commanding some random people to push-up in the middle of the street lol).

“…therefore I officially declare bloomers as Area 11 official female uniform.”
Lulu: “NANI~$#!?”

“You, do some push-up! You, Dance! Squat! Walk in the spot! Wear some skirt!”

And finally Kallen found him, but waht he found is not the Zero, just a weak confused guy. He even try to use “refrain” (It’s the hallucinogen drugs that also used by the past Kallen mother, see S1) so Kallen stop him and start scolding to make him back to his senses. And Lulu ask her to “comfort” him (kukuku~ I start forecasting a hentai doujin on this~) well they almost kiss and he got slapped instead. And she leaving him alone, before Lulu even try to chase her, Rolo appear before him. And so he try to convince to him that it’s alright that he want to stop being Zero, to chase his own happiness, and returned as a normal students again.

“You’ll have to comfort me then…” *drool~*

But Kallen reject him~

Rolo: “How bout me then~♥?”
Lulu: “Go to hell!”

Back at the Black Knight base Kallen is thinking to be Lulu replacement but C.C. told her that it is heavy because the burden on that mask is not only on the future of Japanese but also other nation who suppressed by the Britannia. Meanwhile unknown to them Suzaku is preparing an attack on their base.

Back at the academy, Lulu and Rolo found no one because they’re all gone for the field trip that day. But they were surprised by the fireworks which coming from the school roof. Up there the remains of the student council was waiting for him. Touched by this he remember back, all his memories of his childhood with Nunnally and Suzaku also with the student council. And he realize that now he’s not only has Nunnally but also all his friend.

“I must be seeing things~”

The student council members~ and the ghost members~

Lulu finally found his answers

Meanwhile the Black Knight base is under attack, Suzaku swiftly taken down the carrier ship and realize that the Black Knight gonna escape again through the sea floor. In desperation Todou lead his men to retreat, but the ship barely manage to survive in those barrage of attack. While they are cornered suddenly a communication line opened and it is Zero. He quickly command his tactic, and just in a short moment he already turn the table. He blew up a Methane tank (probably heating gas pipes) under the Suzaku’s fleet and it’s releasing a huge amount of bubbles which put chaos in the underwater units and capsize all the ships on the surface. Suzaku can only watch in enrage above in the Lancelot.

Suzaku command the raid

Lulu command the counter attack

“You’re happy too, aren’t you?”


The fleet have been capsized

And the rest of the Knight of Rounds also approach to help but suddenly someone came. It was Zero (aboard the mass produced Lancelot that Rolo use) and he declare something that shocking to all the people there. That the Black Knight is agreeing upon Nunnally invitation to join the Special Administrative Zone.

“…since all your girls are in bloomers, The Black Knight will join you~!”

Another big surprise, really this anime is as unpredictable as ever. My only guess that correct is that Kallen gonna slap him LMAO. Next week episode is also gonna rock I suppose, since the preview and the title is somewhat enticing, “Miracle of Millions”.

BTW sorry for the lame skirt & bloomers joke~


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