The Leadership Symphony

Last Monday, as usual my company held training for our client and this time is in the Novotel Hotel, Bogor, West Java. But this time we have a special guest speaker, one of the best conductors in Indonesia, some of you probably can guess. He is Addie MS, the conductor of the Twilite Orchestra.

The hotel

The hotel have a really nice outdoor sight~

While some of the guys are howlin’ (coz her wife is also in the house, somewhere else though) XD, he’s look humble while in casual attire. Our training is about leadership so the subject matter of course is how the relation between leading a company and an orchestra.

The main point is the classic era dictatorship form of leadership has ended, people demand more modern approach to leadership. And one of those is with symphony, as quoted from the Ben Zander of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, where people work together in symphony instead of competing against each other inside the organization. And the orchestra analogy is used in this matter to model the new approach of that leadership.

Orchestra actually has some similarities to a company. If you watch/read Nodame Cantabile, I bet you know what I talking about. There is a hierarchy inside an orchestra, every section leads by a principal, the principals are lead by the concert master, and the concert master is lead by the conductor. Just like how company staff lead by a supervisor, supervisor have a leading manager, and so on.

He himself told us about his struggle while walking down the road. About when he had doubt to pick musician as his career, how he maintain a neat image instead of the common eccentric art people, how his business goes up and down, how he maintain people, how he satisfied his men needs, how he recruit new talents, how he maintain integrity in his music, and how he strive to learn new things to gain more listener (Including how he get the idea for the Beginning of Fantasy Concert). And also he admits his own weaknesses, that is that he is too perfectionist and he really fret on every details which is good but at the same time ineffective. But he never stop to learn new things and new technology. I really admire his effort (especially The Beginning of Fantasy Concert is totally awesome, TT__TT too bad I didn’t see the big concert one, I only saw the short concert version) how he dig young people interest through internet (he said with Friendster and such).

Hotel Novotel \"de_Aztec\"

Somehow it reminds me of de_aztec XD CS map

Actually I can write a lot more but this is concerning my job so I’ll leave it at that. If you have further questions just asked me~


3 thoughts on “The Leadership Symphony

  1. agree! it look like de_aztec :D,

    Anyway… a conductor conduct a speech? cool!
    yep the beginning of fantasy is awesome šŸ˜€

    (no request for sigs eh? hehehehe)

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