DNAngel Revival

The new chapters re-start~!

DNAngel manga by Sugizaki Yukiru is one of the shoujou manga that I read (and I rarely read shoujo/girls manga), it’s one of the famous manga that already animized and even aired here before. But just like Hunter X Hunter the series suddenly goes hiatus for a very long time. But last February the Asuka magazine in Japan continue to publish this series from volume 12. I really glad this finally continue, after they hanged last chapter unfinished. I hope they kept it up, at least until they had a proper ending.

After taking a two-year long hiatus from the series, DNAngel has finally resumed, much to the delight of fans all around the world! The story picks off from where we left off at the end of volume 11, where Satoshi Hiwatari has left his hand suspended to Daisuke for over two years… The two join forces and embark on a mission – to save Risa Harada, Riku’s younger twin sister, and destroy the berserk Hikari artwork, Argentine! But why did Argentine kidnap Risa in the first place….?

This scanlation is scanlated by Turtle Paradise, all credits goes to them.


4 thoughts on “DNAngel Revival

  1. Mmmm, did the new volume get published already? Or does it take longer than a year for manga to get outside of Japan?

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