Code Geass R2 – episode 08: Trace of a Million

This time Lulu got in his hand a non-violent method, probably since Nunnaly is around he can’t move around the Black Knight afraid that they might harm her. Nevertheless it’s still a fantastic episode.

The episode begin from the continuation of the failed Britannian attack on the Black Knight’s base, and Zero who suddenly declared that he agree upon joining the special administrative zone plan. And so the knights have no other way around and retreat for now. After awhile Zero met the confused Black Knight member and he revealed something to them.

Zero and the Knights

He commencing the next move~

After that declaration, the situation calms down a little. While people felt uneasy waiting for the next step, the Britannian government an Lulu prepared for the upcoming event. Suzaku is still wondering whether Lulu already remember or not, he still want to know as to why he do that to Euphy and why did he Geass him to kept on live. As he thinking suddenly someone try to stab him, but thanks to the geass effect his body react and quickly put down the assasin. On the other place in Britannia, Nina and Prince Schneizel and Kanon finally show their faces. Nina apparently, still continuing her research, and the prince still try to maintain world peace through Britannian authority.

Back in japan, while Anya and Suzaku gather suddenly he asked to sign the execution for the previous assassin, somehow he couldn’t bear to do it because he knew, he also a Japanese. And so Anya sign it for him, and she asking why he wants to go back to the country that he has left, a place where people scorn him as a traitor. But before he answered, an important phone call is incoming, the pivotal call by none other than Zero himself.

Anya and the Cat~

Anya took it over instead~

And he asked something outrageous, that he wants to be excluded in the plan. In another words he don’t want to hand himself down to the Britannian, but that also mean he gonna left the Black Knight alone betraying them. The Knights finally agreed upon the request, since he is dangerous to be around after all.

The Knights gather on Zero’s call

… and also Lloyd and… *nosebleed* whoa amazing dress

Before the night of the opening ceremony Suzaku and Nunnally mourn on the mausoleum where Euphimia rest. But someone else has come first, he’s none other than Lulu, but they didn’t met. And with that Lulu have nothing left attach to Japan.

Suzaku and Nunnally in memory of Ephy~ TT__TT Euphy…

In the big day, Nunnaly beginning with her speech with a million Japanese who attends the opening, as the other Britannian soldier and the Knights are watching as they might start a revolt. And finally they announce that Zero is exiled from the special area, and the speech is replied by Zero himself on the big screen. But before that he asked what being a Japanese mean to Suzaku, is it a Race? is it because the language or land? and he replied that it’s the “heart” and Zero agrees it. So he continued that wherever they are they still Japanese, after taht quickly the Black Knight quickly raise smoke screen around the area. Preparing for a fight the Britannian already stand by on their weapon, as they preparing for another revolt. But they got a surprise instead, after the smoke screen went down what they saw is all the people wearing Zero’s costume. And he command the “Zeros” to accept to be exiled, or in other words escaping from Japan land.

The announcement

Zero appear~!



He command them to be exiled~

And so the Britannian couldn’t attack because they already promised to exile “Zero” peacefully. Lulu has make Zero into a symbol instead of an idol. Although Romeyer try to start to stopping the Black Knights to “legally escaping” Suzaku stop her, since he knew that neither Euphy nor Nunnally doesn’t want another bloodshed. So although it’s hard he let them escape. Lulu already prepared everything, including transport and new place in the Chinese Federation area.

Though he trying to get Ohgi, her dress is also outrageously sexy XD

Suzaku stop Ms. Romeyer to start a gun fighting.

Wow, although no fighting action, as I say previously but political game is really complicated and Lulu play it well while fulfilling his own agenda. With this the Black Knight no longer will roam in Japan, but they could trouble Britannian anywhere around the globe. What would happen next? since the episode doesn’t show the next week preview… I dunno either.

The Black Knight Escaping~

Rest in peace, Euphy~


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