Code Geass R2 – episode 09: The Bride of the Forbidden City

Finally the Black Knight goes out from Japan and try to fight the Empire in a global scale. After escaping they finally got settled in the Chinese Federation. But, it’s not long before trouble is brewing…

And after waiting for two weeks and expecting a 2 episode back-to-back and turns out to be a single episode, this episode is lack action and impact but probably building foundation for the next story~ And I’m not a lolicon but the Empress is so cute~ So I’ll make the writing brief this time.

After the Black Knight finally settled on the given Penglay Island, they start gather their arms and looks like Lakhata also giving them weaponry. Looks like India is going behind the Black Knight in order to free themselves from the Chinese Federation. But while talking with Kallen about the next step (XD and their future, and also those fan-service “accident” with C.C. enjoying the Pizza~) Kaguya brings a bad news.

The New Island Base

Hot “accident” rawr~!

CC really loves pizza, and there is even the cheezy bites from Pizza Hut~ I wonder how she got it in a secluded island….

Apparently the Britannian have their move first by marrying the “so-so brain” first prince Odysseus with Empress of Chinese Federation (CF) and as a friend, Sumeragi Kaguya invited by the Empress. This is happened because the Eunuch Generals of CF want to save their own ass and let the Britannian and the CF combine. They probably let the Black Knight in to give them as “tribute”, no wonder, since they have no balls XD (Eunuch=or we called it “kasim” in Indo).

And so before the wedding they have pre-marriage celebration (or the Javanese says midodareni). Attending in the party the trio Knights of round under the command of the Prime Minister of Britannia, the Prince Schnitzel himself. And also Lloyd party, Milly and Nina around, so many familiar faces huh~ and of course the party crashers: Kaguya, Kallen and Zero.

Suzaku and Cecile in another peculiar costume~ this time a cheong-sam

Lloyd and her fiancé Milly Ashford (in a hot dress~) is joining too

Even Schnitzel and Nina are joining

And here comes the party crashers~

Their attendance got the party tense for awhile, but as the PM command to not do anything to the Sumeragi’s uninvited guests the situation cools down a bit. As Zero try to approach Schnitzel, Suzaku quickly move to protect the PM but instead Lulu invite him to a chess game. The bet was for him to open his mask, as for Lulu he wants Suzaku as bet, and Schnitzel agree. And although in verge of losing, Schnitzel manage to pissed Zero off.

How bout some chess~

Outside the celebration hall, Xing-ke and the soldier really got angry against the Eunuch General decision to “sell” the Empress and they planning to pull down the generals. Although agree Xing-ke is a bit hesitating, to him the empress herself is a special person. And he promise him to someday bring her freedom outside the Forbidden City.

Xingke and the boys

He made a promise to her~ how cute~♥

But before the games end, Nina who didn’t know that Zero appearing went berserk and try to kill him. Suzaku quickly stop her, and that incident put the game in end and nothing happen but Schnitzel once again ask for him to not attend the wedding ceremony, because it would create more ruckus.

Nina goes snap~

Unexpectedly on the wedding day, Xing-ke and his sub-ordinate quickly took over the Forbidden City and stop the wedding. Though he still hesitating, once he saw that the empress still remember both their promise, he’s got nothing to hold him down. But before he reach her, Zero already got his hand on her.

“..and If someone is have an objection to this wedding, please speak now or forever silence…


Sorry I want her too~♥

Meanwhile somewhere else V.V. is preparing a match for Lulu, Jeremiah Gottwald.

Look who’s back~


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