Final Fantasy Tactics A2: First Look Review

Though I’m having time problem to review anime (mind you that I HAVE to rewatch and capturing the scene) somehow I still manage to get my hand on this

At Last the sequel of my favourite strategy game, the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. There’s a quite an improvement, but I think the DS dual screen is very helping, especially for monitoring the “Oh! so many stats!” of a strategy game.
As you can see you can easily see the Clan status now. They even put test to raise the status of your clan, adding challenge to the game.

As you can see below there’s not much difference on the battle environment, but the graphic effect of the attack is more exciting too bad I can’t capture it now.

Another new feature of the game is the clan privilege, you can have a privilege to raise some stats in every battle until, well, you break the law. And every time the clan improve their ranks, the privilege option kept adding. As the previous FFTA series, there is law system that running on every battle. I haven’t reach the part for the Antilaw yet but I think it will appear sooner or later. But lawbreaking become more nasty, now if you break the law, not only the privilege is gone, we can’t revive a dead unit too.

But now I can see the law clearly, thanks to the dual screen, and I can easily monitor the turns of the unit.

Other new feature that I spot is the Bazaar system. Instead of the store kept adding items later on the story, using the loot that we gather during engagement we can trade them to unlock items.

I haven’t play it for long (yeah 3.5 hour is nothing for a bloody strategy game) so I hope there’re more surprise ahead of me. I like the new character unlike the last hero, Luso personality is so much cheerful, and I just across a beautiful thief, she’s looks like Nia in Gurren Lagann. Well, let me play some more~

EDIT: I forgot another major difference, I can use my mouse to play. Though the placement of the units is quite hard with mouse, but it’s pretty convenient since you can play it with one hand.

And please spare me some NDS… I should start saving for one~


5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Tactics A2: First Look Review

  1. Ngga itu Nintendo DS~ GBA mah udah setahun ga keluar game (jepang) baru, only crappy american games~ BTW FFTA2 just released on the end of June~ and somebody already post it on the net~ Boy~! SquareEnix’s people probably rly pissed off right now~ πŸ˜›

    As for me… Piracy is bad… but they don’t release it here~ so… whatever~

    Cuma emang emulatornya namanya masih No$GBA~

  2. ** Legend Of ZELDA ga bisa tamat kalo pake EMU huehuehue **

    Masa demi mapnya muncul mesti tutup NDSnya…
    (di emu mana bisa ditutup huehuehue)

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