Code Geass R2 – episode 10-11

Finally back in action~ since I already skipped almost three weeks review I’ll make a quick glance on ep 10-11 and a separate one for 12.

Finally, it’s war time. More surprises, more new weapons are revealed.

Episode 10: When the Shen Hu Shines

Episode 10 Title Screen

After Zero manage get on his hand on the Empress Tian Zi he quickly fled. Thanks to the new Knightmares and the rebels, the black knight manage to ride on the rebels and avoid getting stop even by Suzaku.

Zangetsu is the hot new rides for Todou

On the road to escape, Zero try to suggest Tian Zi so that they can work together. But the poor empress seems to shaken to speak. Since he can’t handle girly feeling and stuff so he left her with Kaguya.

Just after the Chinese Republic thought that they finally caught up with them, it turns out that this was a trap by the black knight. And so the Chinese armada gotten surrounded instead.

But not long after their overwhelm the enemy and manage to escape to the main ship Ikaruga, a unit came and breakthrough their forces. The blue knightmare “Shen Hu” is piloted by none other by Xing-ke himself. The Eunuch Generals used him to retrieve the empress, dead or alive. So to make sure her majesty safety, Xing-Ke agrees upon it.

Xing-Ke is back with bigger ride~

And so Kallen took initiative and launch with Gurren, but not able to resupply has cost her defeat and more over she also gotten caught by Xing Ke. Before the black knight manage to get her back, the Chinese support already arrived and bombarding them.

Kallen got caught on his strings… literally

So there’s a small debate on the next step, while the crew of Ikaruga want to try to save Kallen, Diethard suggest for they to retreat and join forces with the India’s forces. Although there’s some hesitation at first, but Zero finally resolved to confront them, and I feel it’s boosting the Black Knight morale.

Back in the Britannian’s mothership Avalon, the Knights of of Round is on standby. Since they won’t interfere unless the Chinese Federation ask for help, so the Knights can only wait for now. While Milly are thinking about something, Anya suddenly approach her, and she show her (and Suzaku who came by) photo collection during last festival on the Ashford Academy which is probably the fan services of this episode XD. And yes you’re right Suzaku it is definitely violation of people privacy.

So what do she have in her digital diary…


…more swimsuits… *nosebleed*

…male bathrooms… LOL

…and Lulu with…

Meanwhile back to the fighting parties, both Zero and Xing-ke able to predict each other formation, strength and weaknesess. But since it’s the Xing Ke homeland, he have terrain knowledge advantage and he used it well. And so Zero got caught up in his tactics instead.

Prepare for comeback

Because they got cornered, finally Zero agree to step back. But before he retreat he reveal the Scatter-Hadron Cannon which blast away the Chinese Federation front lines. And so they manage to escape and hide in one of the Chinese Republik landmark, the Tiandi Bashiba Ling or the tomb of the past Chinese emperors and waiting for the Indian forces support. This landmark give them advantage so the assault can only come from their front, and so they could easily aim with the Ikaruga Hadron Cannon again.

Blast away the flank~

The last resort~

On the Chinese republic side however, Xing-ke can’t retreat because the Eunuch Generals aim at their back and now the Eunuchs also asked for the Knights of Round for help. Although cornered Zero commands to Diethard to prepare their final strategy to take over the Chinese republic.

The Knights comes to play~

Meanwhile back to Area 11 the Academy finally got the news on Milly safety by her call and the one who on the phone is none other than Lulu or it’s how the students see it. And so the Black Knight struggle continues on episode 11.


Episode 11: The Power of Wills

The episode 11 title screen

While the academy crowd cheer for Milly safety, the “Lulu” which turns out is Sayoko (Nunally’s ex-nurse) and Rolo. Goes down to the Intelligence Agency base on the bottom of the Academy. While Rolo protest her for being too nice to ladies (which gonna cause trouble to Lulu on next XD), they got the news by Villeta on the predicament that falls on Zero.

Although they knew that Tian-zi is on Ikaruga, the Chinese Republic starting to bombs the cemetery and looks like won’t stop it. The Eunuch generals already planned to abandon her, which cause Xing-ke anger and start to attack them. But the Knights of Round is there and stop them altogether.

Tristan stopping the Shen Hu

Kallen still got caught, and I don’t know why they strapped her like that~ *drools*

And somehow the cockpits for the Knightmares is looks hot with ladies~

…bottom view…

I still think Anya uniform is so sexy, but she looks really dangerous here

Todou try to stopping the bombardment but Suzaku and the mass-produced lancelot troops manage to held them. Meanwhile Zero open communication with the Eunuch, and the Eunuch stated it clearly on why they co-operate with the Britannian. They don’t have any more use on current Tian Zi and they never even look up upon their own citizen. So Zero summarize it that they sell their country, throw away their leader, and even betray their people.

Another bout between Suzaku and Todou

And Modred now in beam spamming mode

While the commotion happen Tian Zi suddenly escape from Kaguya and appering on Ikaruga upper platform. Seeing this Xing-Ke quickly try to cover her, but the attack won’t stop and slowly Shen Hu even lost it’s power. In his despair Xing-Ke finally plead for anyone help to protect her, and when all hope seems gone Zero appear to protect her.

Xing Ke protecting his lovely empress

The Shinkirou comes to the battlefield

Finally Zero show them his final cards, Knightmare Frame Shinkirou whom piloted by himself. Equipped with the Gawain’s Druid system it’s shield is boasted by Lakshata as the world’s highest defensive power protecting the above ship from the attacks. And after the bombardment on Ikaruge cease down, it’s opening its chest and threw some kind of crystal on the center of the Chinese forces, followed by a beam and from the crystal reflect it to wipe down the Chinese forces.

<p align=”center” />

Zero asking them once more to surrender~

Prepare yourself for some nasty beam spamming~

And he wipes out the Chinese forces

As Schneizel is wondering why he would appear now, Zero once again try to persuade Xing Ke to work with him. And as he speak there are revolt all over the Chinese Federation. Apparently this is what Zero’s startegy: the reason he open communication before and let them talk about their greed has been broadcast all over the Federation. Zero already read that Xing-ke is preparing a revolt and he just ignited the flame so the Revolt begin so quick.

The revolt has sprung all over the federation

Now it’s our turn to laugh~

And suddenly the table has turned to the Black Knight side. While Mordred got stopped by C.C. and some other Black Knight, suddenly C.C. and Anya memory lapsed together, causing Mordred to stop. The other Black Knight saw this opportunity to hit down Mordred, though its only hit her glider unit. while the rest of Black Knight Knightmare troops goes forward and aid the attack.

C.C. spider sense suddenly tingling

Although the Britannian could just shoot them from behind, but Schneizel already realized that the Eunuch has already lost their “power” since they didn’t “have” the Chinese Republic anymore and so they don’t have any reason anymore for supporting their action.
Without the Britannian back them up, the Eunuch Generals quickly defeated and meet their ends on Xing-Ke hands. As Zero come and ask the location of Kallen, apparently the Eunuch already give her to the Britannian or to be exact to the Knight of Seven aka Suzaku.

Meanwhile at some other place V.V. and Jeremiah arranged some wicked plans that make Bartley shaken. So there will be more surprise in the future.

Jeremiah… what would orange do next?

…but seeing his face… you don’t wanna know…

As the battle is over, Xing-Ke and the Empress Tian Zi is reunited above the Ikaruga. This is such a heary reunion, and everybody looks delighted as Xing-Ke finally fulfilled his promise to let Tian Zi see the outside world. But as Diethard about to messed up the atmosphere by trying to make Tian Zi to make a political wedding to Japanese to strengthen their position, Kaguya stop her and unexpectedly C.C. and another female Black Knight members agree on her.

The hearty reunion

The Black Knights watching in awe

In the midst of confusion, suddenly Tamaki appear and Zero used him to escape and think for awhile. Although he knew Diethard was right but considering the others disagreements he’s once again hesitate to decide. But as he goes suddenly Shirley call him, and asked for event to commemorate Milly’s graduation. But suddenly Lulu try to ask her, about how to “break up” couples and persuade people around them, Shirley quickly also disagree to him and said that “Love is Power”. XD I laugh around this scene that Lulu actually got preached by Shirley on Love. That make him realize that all that he did before is also for the sake of Nunally. So he conclude it with the power of wills to change even the world, and thanked her for that. And as usual he just hang up the phone like that, it made her pout~ so cute~<3

Shirley to the Rescue~

Love is Power… and she is hot~

“All I want is to change the world for Nunally sake…”

And quickly he announced Tian Zi freedom, that she can choose her own future. He also add that the power that moves them comes from the heart the same as the people that stood up for the Eunuch and it’s also the same with the Black Knights. And as he finished his speech Xing-Ke and Zero shakes hand for their co-operation.

“Your future belongs to you” said him, with his dramatic pose…

Finally they came upon an agreement

Back in the academy Sayoko who disguised as Lulu almost got caught by Shirley so as countermeasure Sayoko err… well… shut her mouth with her lips XD. Whoa this smells trouble for the real Lulu.

Back to Zero and C.C. they already arrange for next plan or their original plan in China, to find the Order the one who create Geass users and research them. Which currently hiding somewhere in China, so Zero try to find them using the Chinese Federation resources. While he goes back to the Academy in Japan.

Talking with C.C. *drools*

The order hidden base

But back home Lulu already faced with other predicaments, and one of them is the appearance of Anya and Zino.

Anya and Zino welcomes him

And next episode is another commotion in the school~


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