Code Geass R2 episode 12 – 13: Shirley

The new Opening on episode 13

One line for episode 13: Oh My God….

And when I just got excited from episode 12, they really know how to lift your feeling and then crashing it to the ground.

*Sigh~* anyway let’s check episode twelve first…

Episode 12: Love Attack

As you can guess from the title, this episode is another wacky episode at the Ashford Academy.

It all begin after Lulu, who finally arrived back to the peaceful academy, or so he thought, until he found out that Sayoko, who disguised as him, has easily giving all girls at the academy to date him. And that’s about 108 dates per week, OMG~! (Right then I was having an urge to kill him, but laugh at him later on) and he also has to perform his duty as Zero too. Of course although Sayoko already arranged the schedule perfectly, Lulu doesn’t have the stamina for it.

Look at his face XD

Hmm~ date~

…diplomatic jobs await too~

And so on the night of his extremely busy day, he finally can’t stand for it. (Well it’s 24:02 OMG who in the heck got a date in the dead midnight anyway~ XD) So he try to sneak out and ditch his date with Shirley. But thanks to bunch of ruckus finally he got cornered by her. When he already don’t have a way out of her, suddenly Milly appear and and creating another crazy event for her graduation.

The prey walk in stealth to avoid the beast…

…but in the end he cannot escape

Luckily, the princess appear and save him in the nick of time.

It’s saving Lulu ass, at least for some moment, that is until the graduation day apparently. The event is the “Cupid’s Day”, a day where you can catch the one you love, literally. The rules are: the boys and girls have to wears a stupidly huge heart shaped hat, blue for the boys and pink, and if you manage to get your target boy’s/girl’s hat and wear it, under the student presidents executive orders, they will be forced to become a couple.

Aside from the story, far away in the Holy empire of Britannia, in the Imperial Capital Pendragon (probably taken from Pentagon except the building looks like Taj Mahal) princes and princesses of Britannia gather with The Knight of One, Bismarck, to discuss about their next step about the Chinese Federation, since the wedding was canceled. In the end Schneizel agreed to not declared warfare and suppress them by take over half their area with threats and negotiation. Due to the last revolt, the country is breaking apart so it might be possible for him. And when Bismarck report it to the Emperor he surprisingly agree, since warfare is actually and inefficient method diplomatically.

“I think I just had a headache~”

Meanwhile in the Order’s base someone break through the defense and she is Cornelia. Finally, she appeared and she is looking for the trail of the Geass too. But instead she would found something else also.

Back in Area 11, Suzaku reject to join the event since he’s busy protecting Nunally but he called her later. And Kallen got herself an unexpected guest, Nunally herself. In the academy Lulu is conducting strategy for the Cupid’s Day. The first idea was for Villeta to get his hat, of course she flatly reject it XD. She proposed Shirley, but Lulu reject that because he didn’t want to involved her again.

look who’s coming~

And finally the main event~ just before she hit the start sign, as people got excited (BTW they have to stand two meters away from the target and there are no restrictions on teaming or usage of gadgets) suddenly Milly add another rule: whoever get the Lulu’s hat and bring it to her their club’s budget is gonna be increased by tenfold! Suddenly all the club members start to targeting Lulu adding to his problems XD. Nice Job Kaichou~! And she finally push the start button. But in a blink of an eye he disappeared, thanks to Rolo who stopping all people with his Geass.

He’s waiting for his fate…

Anya and her adorer

Let the game begin~!

Trapped in closet with another boy is not cool

After he managed to escape, he switch himself with Sayoko (LOL before that finally we see him use his Geass again~ but for silly reason). Now Sayoko must escape from all the clubs too, as she heading for Villeta, Lulu guiding him the way. And she can’t help to shouting those ninja lines and of course since she is a ninja, Lelouch movement become super athletic. And Milly give out everything she’s got including so called “Fantasy Seduction Team” ROFL. Of course Sayoko won’t even batting an eye.

Finally he used it again…

Kage bunshin no jutsu

Target found

There’s no way you can catch me in NINJA MODE~

Why do they have to wear that silly hat on the HQ anyway?

The boy who leap through tim… errr fireworks

I definitely stop for that~


In the midst of confusions (and forced confessions) Anya also mobilized Mordred and try to catch Lulu too, it causing panic in the HQ misunderstanding that the Black Knight have returned. And so they changing plan and let Sayoko return to the library to switch back with Lulu, but there Shirley is strolling to find a clue in the Library. But before she notice, Mordred who mistook her as Lulu, just grasp her from the window. And Lulu who just got out from the elevator and saw this, quickly tackle her aside. So both of them fallen to the basement library while Sayoko distract Mordred attention in the midst of smokes and rubble. Quckly Villeta stop Anya saying that this is the operation area of the Intelligence Agency so she shouldn’t sortie Modred for such silly reason.

Chaos everywhere~

OMG mordred?

I got you now~

Don’t think… feel… and jump

In the basement, both of them caught in a very awkward situation. As she asked why he (or rather Sayoko) kiss her before, but noticing that Lulu reaction has become normal, she felt relieved. And she even tease him a bit, but in the end he let her switch hat.

Trapped with a sexy girl, now that’s… *drool*

Apparently you can’t play around with a girl like her

And so they finally become a (forced) couple, and all the ruckus got straightened up. So congratulations are in order, including the graduation of Milly. It’s pretty obvious that she got crush on Lulu too. And she finally try to more become herself as she promised to herself to Nina. She reject the engagement and become a weather-woman.

Finally he gave in~

Suzaku even came to congratulate~

She finally chase her own dreams

The Graduation, congratulation Milly~

Lloyd can only laugh~

Just after everything seems to be normal, trouble brewing up, Jeremiah appear, and he start de-geass people who believed to be SP members who got geassed by Lulu. But the result is something else, Shirley got her memory back, and this is the beginning of the disaster

I’m back~

OMG how can I forgot that~

Episode 13: Assasin from the Past

Shirley who regain her memory, knowing that something was wrong at the academy, got herself a nightmare.

I am Zero desu~

Nooooo~ Lelouch~

While China back in control, Lulu also planning something on Japan. But Shirley in the midst of her confusion she decide to contact Suzaku, but they accidentally got caught together by Lulu. Back in campus, someone intruding the area, Jeremiah himself appear before them.

Lol Tamaki stats is the lowest

They’re in control

Yo, pretty lady! Wanna go out with me?

Intruder Alert

Although Sayoko and Rolo facing him, he can easily beat the duo since he a cyborg now and posses the Geass-canceler. But thanks to Villeta, he manage to divert his attention and he goes after Lulu. This give time to Lulu for setting strategy and backup.

He’s unstoppable

Back to Cornelia, she heard what the order are planning. She thinks it’s absurd, but before she goes deeper, V.V. welcome her.

Cornelia and Bartley

He’s one undying annoying brat~

After they met, Lulu, Suzaku, and Shirley just stroll together. Since Lulu is there, Shirley can’t say a word. So in the midst of her confusion she accidentally jump from a high place. Lulu quickly grab her and so Suzaku, but confused af situation she refuse to be saved, but once she saw Lulu determination to “not lose” another person she suddenly realize that Lulu is still the same person.

Oh no I’ve been caught by Lulu

There’s no other way than jump~

I have to call a psychiatrist for her… hmm~ someone calling… What? Orange is running loose?

After she was saved, Rolo called him about Jeremiah so Lulu quickly hushing the two away because any second Ikebukuro will become a battlefield. As Jeremiah arrived two security quickly try to secured him, but he instantly cancel their Geass and knock them down. This all goes as Lulu plan, and he let him chase him to the train platform above. And when they finally reach the platform, Lulu activates the Gefion disturber above the trains. The device who once used to stop Suzaku’s Lancelot and basically all machine that empowered by sakuradite.

Do you think you can stop the terminator?

…yes, he can.

Before Jeremiah completely cease function he still drag his body to approach Lulu, desperately he asking why a Britannian like him betray his country. Lulu got silent for a moment, then he resolute to answer, and explain who he is. Lelouch Vi Britannia, the one who betrayed and thrown by his own father, the emperor himself, and the first son of Queen Marianne. But unexpectedly Jeremiah is a loyalist of his mother, and when she was assassinated it was his first duty. That incident what make him join the purist clan, and made who he is now. So Lulu stop the device, and ask him if he still want to serve Lady Marianne and he wholeheartedly agree. Great~ another surprise~ but the tragedy just begin.

Now swear your loyalty to me~

Meanwhile before the attack, Suzaku and Shirley just got outside the area. She confirm Suzaku feeling and her own feeling about Lulu. She obviously still like him no matter what. But not long smoke start blowing from the plaza, the one that used by Lulu to lure away Jeremiah. Seeing this Suzaku quickly call the local authority and command them to secure the place, leaving Shirley with the officers. But Shirley who can’t contact Lulu inside start to worry about him.

The classic “showing the badge” scene

Where the hell is he?

So she breakthrough the police line and enter the battle field. She saw the officers who down by Jeremiah and taken his gun as precaution. But instead of founding Lulu, she find Rolo. And somehow I already goes “Oh Shit~” here. And she just ask him who he is, and is he an ally of Lulu. After confirming this, she asked to join, she want to be a part of whatever he’s doing right now, to be with him and also helping him with his sister. And that last word is what released Rolo’s trigger.

“Oh Shit~! his gay brother~”

After finished his business with Jeremiah, Lulu quickly goes downstairs. But among the smokes he saw someone lies down in a pool of blood….

It’s really hard for me to write this… anyway even though she’s dying, she finally confess to him… finally… and she’s been fall for him again and again even after he killed her father and everything he done. Desperately Lulu unleashed his geass and command her to live. Of course this was futile, and she finally blew her last breath on Lulu’s hand. The episode ended with Lulu desperate cry

Noo~! dont die~

I command you~! LIVE~!

Oh great, they killed another cute good girl~ They just have to kill her too~ T__T after what happen with Euphy, they just have to make another tragedy~ after they lift her high on previous episode, they then smash her to the ground like that~

Well~ Good bye Shirley~ see you in Lulu flashback (and his nightmares probably 😛 )

Bye-bye Shirley~

Now, I need love comedy show~ to get rid this heartbreak~


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