Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – First Episode Review

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Ahh~ new Love comedy series~ Finally.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu or The Secret of Nogizaka Haruka is about romance between her and Ayase Yuuto. The story starting when he found out about her secret, that is she actually an Akiba-kei (Akiba way) or also known as an anime otaku/fan. And since then their story begin.

Haruka-chan is sooo kawaiii~ and her reaction too~ I probably gonna collect this series closely~ I don’t think I would kept reviewing this though. (Usually this kind of stuff has a light stories and mostly comedy anyway) So it’s better if I just give my general review later on.

Episode 1: It’s All Over…

The title screen

Before we reach that part, the story begin with Ayase Yuuto. Living with his older sister and her friend (who also his teacher) who party and bullies (tempting is more precise though) Yuuto to serve them, Yuuto start to give up on having relationship with woman. But one day, he heard a beautiful melody coming from the school.

Not only he have to clean up their mess…

…he also got teased everyday… hmm~ I felt jealous suddenly~

His friends explain that was Nogizaka Haruka who played the piano. She is basically an idol, perfect beauty, perfect grade, and perfect health (not forget also perfect wealth, she is filthy stinkin’ rich). And she is adored by all students, male and female, so much that she was called Nuit Etoile or the silver shining star.

The Heroine

Everybody loves Haruka

Perfect Beauty…


…and health

And surprisingly (yeah right~) both of them attend the same class, but Yuuto can only see her from a far as she surrounded by her fans-girl. Just when he turned around his friend, Nobunaga another obvious anime otaku who suddenly blabber about his favorite anime, but he doesn’t really interested in those stuff. But when he talks about some premium anime magazine and the first edition about his favorite anime, suddenly she showing reaction XD lol. When she realize she, quickly try to hide her reaction and apologize all suddenly and everything back to normal.

Nobunaga and Yuuto

That afternoon, after the school over Nobunaga suddenly ask Yuuto to help him return his magazine to Library since his already late and the PA even calling his name for his tardiness. Since he had another business, he just give the book to him and run away. Unable to reject, Yuuto walks toward the library and return the books, he saw a girl who walks in and covering her face with her bag.

She clumsily walk and finally got what she looking after, and after she check the book out she suddenly bumped with Yuuto. And surprised by him he clumsily fall here and there and literally wreck the library (OMG her clumsiness is just sooo cute~) Yuuto accidentally found her secret. When she think that all her cover has blown off, she just run hysterically. Since anime otaku is treated like a geek in Japan, no wonder and idol like her afraid that if people know it, they probably start gossips about it.

I think I knew her~

Yeah he knew~

And now he knew too much

Since then she obviously try to avoid him, and this is causing misunderstanding with other people especially her fans. And finally when he can’t stand it and try to talk, but then he got caught up (and probably beaten up) by all her fans. Finally he can talk to her (sunset on the school rooftop, it’s sooo cliché).

“Ichimeko?” (Bullies?)

Uh-oh you don’t wanna mess with her fans

He explain that he won’t tell anyone about his secret, since he accept her as she is and he glad that she actually more down to earth than what he think she was, he felt that she was closer to hem than before. Hearing the last line she can’t help to blush since she never heard anyone says that to her. And as things got straightened down things got calms down, she even bow and thanked him.

“You’re not making fun of me?” (No, but I probably blackmail her~ since it’s common on the beginning hentai scene XD)

And she felt relief afterwards

Later that night, while thinking about her and how difference her reaction with his sister, the phone suddenly rang. It was Haruka, since the commotion today she haven’t return the anime magazine that due today. If it’s late than tomorrow PA gonna announce her name and people will know that she borrow the anime magazine. Since she’s afraid to go alone at night she asked him to accompany her to the school.

Hmm, another cliché doki-doki situation isn’t? just like an umidameshi (basically a guts game for couple, where they have to walk through scary place, and sometimes exciting “accidents” for boys do happen). As they walks inside the school, shen can’t help to cling on his hand. And when she step on something soft (which was a washcloth) she’s just hysterical and grab him tightly~ She is just the type that you wanna hug~<3

“Please, don’t let me go~”

“Eeek~” she screamed as she step something soft

Apparently he also touch something “soft”~ XD

And the exciting accident didn’t stop there, after they manage to return that magazine, suddenly they heard demon-cat cries. Later Yuuto found what the culprit is, the teacher cell phone ringtone. Although she knew because she so scared before her knees become weak, so he help her to stand.

The culprit is…

Too scared, she can’t stand anymore~

After that exciting night, she thanked him again and they got even closer. She urged him to call her by her first name (instead of being polite and called her surname).

The star has appear, and he’s chance are wide open

~Bonus picture~

I can’t wait for the next episode to comes out~ I need MOAR~ huehahaha~ *snap~*. Looks like she’ll be this season star, as I say before she is just sooo cute, a Yamato Nadeshiko indeed. But this is just the beginning, I foresee more troublesome people ahead~ and cute maids woohoo~


7 thoughts on “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – First Episode Review

  1. She looks similar with Asahina Mikuru 😀
    *but Mikuru’s bigger though*

    This series definitely will turn into *harem* anime 😀

    ** feel the urge to kill all harem anime main character **

  2. This one looks nice xD But is it really predictable or something? Because lately I have this need to watch different, not cliched animes and serious ones.
    Don’t think this fits that category^^””

    But I”m gonna put this on my list

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  4. in the first episode of nogizaka haruka no himitsu,what was the title of the piano pece she played…?i know the song but i just cant remember the name!!!ugggh!!!

  5. @Rizza: After scouring the Internet and finding nothing, I asked on a forum. The piece is “Jeux d’eau” by Maurice Ravel.

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