To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) – First Glance

To aru Majutsu no Index

“When Science crossed path with Magic, this Tale begin.”

When this series begin I not really put into much thought about this, but once I saw the first episode I was enticed to collect it. Since it came from the same production house, you can say it’s replacement for Shakugan no Shana. Well this series, just like Shana, also adapted from novel of the same name. Although this has the same vibe, but the story is completely different of course and this one is more Sci-fi too (which really make me more interested). Although after watching more than twenty episode, the arcs felt like separated story altogether but somehow (I feel) it would get connected later on.

The story circles around Kamijyo Touma, a highschooler in an Academy City. But unlike common highschool or normal academy, in their world, they manage to develop people ESP ability. The Academy City specifically train their student to grasp their ESP ability, although it seems they can’t just choose ability that they want. To classify based on strength they put level from zero through five, and Touma apparently is in the bottom level although his ability is rather unique.

Unknown to him before, magic is also exist in their world. Since the major religion, mostly christian, forbid the practice of magic their existence is well hidden. But fearing for the power of magic, the church decided to gather people who practice magic for “research” of their own for the purpose, of course, finding the strength and weaknesses of magic.  They are called the Church of Necessary Evil or Necessarius for short. And to top of it they manage to gather most of the precious magic grimmoires or tome approximately around 103.000 books, but what’s more interesting is where they hid such big secrets.

Touma is not exactly a model student but he’s also not a “normal” esper, to say, well he’s brimming with minor misfortune XD . From accidentally slipping because of empty cans, accidentally broke his cellphoen, debit card and to meeting with troublesome girls.  But he also not someone who stand aside when people is in trouble. And luckily, though it’s passive, his power relly helping him to defend himself.

Until one day he met a girl hanging “aired” in his veranda when he gonna airing his futon (bed).  The girl wear sister clothes (though it’s quite fancy like one of those healing priestess in RPG, but it explained later on that it is really a special pieces of garment) and introduce herself as Index, a member of Necessarius.

But before the heroine whose name used in title appear, he also unfortunately has some trouble with a girl. Well not in relationship stuff (though it probably is in the future). Misaka Mikoto,  she is one of the top level five ESPer in the city, a Electricity/Thunder manipulator. While trying to get rid of two punks who try to tease her, apparently to save their ass, but instead he got chased by a pack of em’. To top of it in the end she still beat the crap out of them, which put his effort to nothing. And in the end he even pissed her off, but thanks to his ability, no matter how strong her attack it’s futile against his abiity. But that’s only it since his ability is only able to perform cancellation, he don’t have any offensive other than normal physical attack. But of course he didn’t do anything to her afterall. But the his misfortune doesn’t end here today. After she pulls out such bizarre thunde, apparently it messed up the electronic application around the city, and also his dorm. Since it’s summer he get a free sauna in his room with the AC down XD

And after all that ruckus he met Index. But her problem arise when a Magician came to claim her. Index tag hima as a Magic Cabal, a group of Magician that after her for she is holding the biggest collection of Grimoirres with her. Where do you ask? since she is prettty empty handed you can guess where she kept it. Yup, in her head or to be exact she memorize em’ all. It is stilll not clear how they manage to put that much in. And this is where Touma real series of battle begin.

The two Heroine: Index and Misaka

The two Heroine: Index and Misaka

So far the series is quite entertaining although to some people the explanation can be long and confusing. But I like it since it have more contents to it. And although the series almost over the novel still have much more and running~

Well, that’s it for now but I really wanna make more. At least one post for each arc~

6 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) – First Glance

    • It’s not as complicated as U thought but even if U don’t understand they give the general idea anyway, so U can still enjoy it~

      Well since the main chara is loli (again) I kinda understand what you’re trying to say, but towards the end there 3 with sensational sizes XD.

      • I c, nanti dah.. masi nunggu apply for FLASH keapprove..
        buat Inetan 😦 jadi sa download juga 😀

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