Autumn 2009 Anime Season: More Moe, Darker and Electrifying

Autumn 2009 Anime Season (952 kb)

Autumn 2009 Anime Season (952 kb)

It’s already August and September means new seasons is coming. The most anticipated series probably is Darker than Black 2: Comet of Gemini, To aru Kagaku no Choudenjinbou (A Certain Scientific Railgun), and of course the second season of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu.

Darker than Black: Meteor of Gemini
From the first season Darker than Black is something that have been missed by all gar anime lover. In their world a mysterious area or “gate” appearing suddenly and swallowing the view of the real stars in the sky. And almost at the same time, people with supernatural abilities, which also known as “contractors” kept popping here and there. Although the truth about those still not unveiled to the public, government do realize their existence and of course utilize them, and also secretive military organizations. Hei, our protagonist was one of the secret organizations member nicknamed the Black Reaper. After he reveal his organization’s evil intention and betray them in the first season, now once again he must fight against the remain of his organization and other contractors.
Other than mystery that keeping the viewers guessing, this series also packed with action as Hei himself is very agile in fighting and making you on the edge of your seat with his movement.

A Certain Scientific Railgun
To aru Kagaku no Choudenjinbou (A Certain Scientific Railgun) series is originally a manga, a side story from To aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index). The story is about adventure one of the heroine of that series, Misaka Mikoto, and her friends in the Academy city. For those whose not familiar can read the synopsis on ANN or mine here. Unlike Index, this series is more about troubles that happen around the academy city, in short people who abuse technology and their espers ability.
Of course as a Mikoto fan, I also expecting her dere-dere reaction, especially when Touma pop-up. But other than that, her ability is something else, the railgun is not just her only ability people. You can expect some action and slight comedy here and there, personally this is also one of the series that I’ve been waiting.

Other series that would be interesting is Kämpfer, another series that derived from a light novel. It tells about Natsuru Senou, a regular high schooler whofinds out he gain supernatural ability along with transformation into… a girl XD. Luckily he can switch whenever he wants, but problem arise as Sakura, the girl that he got crushed on turn to like his girl mode and moreover he also drawn in to the battle of Kämpfers.


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