BakeMonogatari: A Different Kind of Ghost Stories

BakeMonogatari Cvero

Who says that ghost story can’t be entertaining for people who hate horror like me~ BakeMonogatari which literally means GhostStory, provide something different for us.

Araragi Koyomi is not as plain as he looks, although he have average marks and face, he is or was a vampire. But although the vampire curse have ceased within his body, he never that that he would face a brunt of other supernatural phenomenon. One day while climbing the school stairs he accidentally save one of his schoolmate who fall from the spiral stairs, but never did it across his mind that the slim slender girl that she caught would be almost weightless.

Senjougahara Hitagi, a self proclaim tsundere, the enigmatic girl in Koyomi class. Despite her good looks and grades, she is quite anti-social and always caught reading books (though sometimes also magazine or manga) alone in the corner of the class. And her looks is far from a geeky glasses girl image, she is tall slim slender athletic with a charming face. That is what Koyomi thought until she unveil her secrets. She can actually flood out sarcasm and comment a lot particularly to Koyomi.

Oshino Meme, although the name sounds moe (or cute) he is actually looks like a middle age man without any well groomed features. He is almost always seen with a Hawaiian shirts, shorts and sandals. But nevertheless he is Koyomi savior, the one who always help him to face the unnatural phenomenon that arise before him including which case that restore his humanity. As He is an expert of “abnormality”.

Hanekawa Tsubasa, she is the model of the true model students. Good, smart and athletic, her grades even ranked #1 among the school (I can also add good *cough*sexy*cough* body particularly a huge rack XD). Apparently nothing is perfect in this world, and this also true for her, she is technically an orphan, and her step parents doesn’t really treat her good.

There are also a few more girls, including Koyomi little sisters. But the anime and novel translation haven’t cover all, so I’ll save it for another time.

What made me interested in this is mostly because of the conversation that the characters had, while many mystical reference added in, their argument can be exquisite and at the same time mind tickling, fun and stir some laugh. It’s interesting how the author experimenting with words, and how the same line that is used in different situation can be resulted in different spur of emotion.

The anime itself is featured with unique and artistic style, unlike standard anime, while maintaining as much dialogue as possible from the novel.


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