To Aru Majutsu Index II – #01 August 31st (The Last Day)

KITTTAAAA~ Finally out~

First episode is covering the part that they skipped on first season, I think this is supposed to be parallel with the Accelerator and Last Order first meeting arc. (Before Hyouka & Golem Elis appearance).

As usual Touma bad luck, with additional troubles from our loli sister gluttony once again ruin his homework XD moe elementary-child-like sensei probably gonna torture him (mentally?) again later.

Sphinx, small and soft... OK that's not funny

Somehow that guy reminds moe of corp. Giroro (Keroro Gunsou) XD probably since their VA the same~ His rashness to action and careless to the environment (and the part of crying?) is also the same LOL


"In exchange I'll give you this middle schooler loli!"


All hail Touma~

"Please gimme da loli." Touma: "See, those god freakin' otaku are all lolicon~"

But What I really wait is the Academy City Daihaisai (Grand Sport Festival) arc, and looks like they gonna cover it later.


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