About GerryMon

Hello, as you can see my name is Gerry. GerryMon was my obsession on Digimon anime, but “Mon” itself in Japanese can also mean “Gate”. Since I use it on the net, can also be a “Gate” to contact or see me.

I’m just a regular guy~ live in the flower city of bandung. My hobby including Computer stuff and Anime-manga Culture.
I hope U enjoy my blog. 😉

22 thoughts on “About GerryMon

  1. T__T yeah I notice that~ But… I dunno how to fix it since the problem is in the wordpress~

    EDIT: Looks like the problem is with the Tarski theme~ I browse around the forum and there’s people with the same problem~

    EDIT AGAIN: I change the theme for now~ I hope it’ll fix the problem.

  2. geryy….sabtu kemaren…
    sumpah deh….anak2 ga bisa ikut…dan ngasi taunya jam2 mepet..dan aku sendiri sibuk nyari pulsa *mana hp lobet* untuk ngasi tau km…

    gomenn nee… 😀

  3. ~ baru saja namatin semua episode Code Geass R2

    kayaknya trauma nonton Anime untuk beberapa minggu, menyembuhkan hati yang terluka…. Euphie, Shirleeey wkwkwkw…

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