The Leadership Symphony

Last Monday, as usual my company held training for our client and this time is in the Novotel Hotel, Bogor, West Java. But this time we have a special guest speaker, one of the best conductors in Indonesia, some of you probably can guess. He is Addie MS, the conductor of the Twilite Orchestra.

The hotel

The hotel have a really nice outdoor sight~

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EDIT: Layout jam FIXED

EDIT: I found the problem. when I was surfing through the WordPress Forum Someone post the similar problem and the cause is there’s an unwanted set of <div> tag around the post and I found it on the Code Geass Ep 7~ I delete them and Voila~ back to normal.

If you’re wondering why I change my layout, it’s because somehow the last digg theme was in a mess. Somehow the right bar moved to the bottom of page.

I already try some other theme, but also had some layout problems, only this one looks decent. So until I found a solution, please bear with this.

My Laptop Back~!!! (not 100% fit though)

Today I got a surprise call, the laptop repair has done. This keyboard still felt stiff coz its new. But I don’t have to pay a penny (or a rupiah… except for the transport at least). Thanks too Acer service for that, my TM3250 back to the road.

But the worst part… my taskbar doesn’t run~ so I have to run programs through the task manager. T_T looks like finally I have to repair the windows *sigh~

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My Poor Laptop

As some of you probably notice, my laptop got splashed and now I still claiming the warranty. So It’ll take (at least they say ) two weeks to claim it. And my PC still kidnapped by my brother, so I’m incapable of filling my blog for a while. (I can’t do much with this office PC)

So pray for my laptop T__T ~

And looks like I hafta suspend downloading anime too~ *sigh~ 😦

My Best Friend Wedding (aka The Daughter of My Parent’s Friend Wedding)

Ketika senja turun,
bintang ‘kan luruh menjadi embun.
Yang menggoresi setiap daun,
dengan namamu sepanjang tahun.

When the dawn comes down,
The stars dissolved into the morning dew.
Which marked every leaves,
with Your name all over the years

(Ayu Kartika Dewi)

This poem is written behind the book for their wedding mass, as I sat on the church seat I start wonder about what it means…

The Church before the wedding begin

Last Sunday, I attend the wedding of my friend, Vern and her groom Yophi. You could say the bride is a childhood friend of mine. She’s a few years older than me and her parents are close to my parents and I met her first when our parents gather.

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Little Blizzard at My Home

While I was out today, there’s a heavy rain at my house. But unlike the usual rain. This one is packed with ICE~ OMG this is a friggin’ TROPICAL COUNTRY~ but the ice with the size of a thumb even fill the backyard (my driver snap it on his cell and show me, sorry I haven’t get the pic yet, but I can see the green grass filled with white ice blocks)~

When i got home the rain already calms down but… looks like the roof tiles especially the glass sunroof tiles, which doest design for this kind situation, are broken, only some though~ but its pretty damaging. Luckily my room almost doesn’t leak, only few drips that made a really small puddle, looks like from the wind from the corner window~.

There’s at least eight spot that leaked through~ especially where the glass tiles are~

Once Upon a Time on My Holiday~

Before I start, I want to apologize cause I think I should reduce my Review, I got my hands full, so I gonna kept Shana and Gundam 00, but I’m not gonna consistent on other series. Thank You for your concern 🙂

Today, as usual, my parents goes to Lembang. They usually went around once a week to Carmel Seminary and Church to pray with another couple, which are their friends. And since I don’t have any plan today, since they invite me, I tag along. It’s not long until I regret that decision, hearing them yapping all the way long (also all the way back). But in the middle of the trip I actually get some interesting experience.

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