EDIT: Layout jam FIXED

EDIT: I found the problem. when I was surfing through the WordPress Forum Someone post the similar problem and the cause is there’s an unwanted set of <div> tag around the post and I found it on the Code Geass Ep 7~ I delete them and Voila~ back to normal.

If you’re wondering why I change my layout, it’s because somehow the last digg theme was in a mess. Somehow the right bar moved to the bottom of page.

I already try some other theme, but also had some layout problems, only this one looks decent. So until I found a solution, please bear with this.

ScribeFire: One of the ultimate firefox add-on bloggin’ tools~

Recently while adding collection of my FireFox add-on, I cross on this very useful add-on. It’s ScribeFire, with firefox it’s adding split screen on the FF browser. I could just write on this first and uploaded it later. The only complain that I have is, if I open my old blog post and edit it, it don’t have save button (or I can’t found the button, I dunno) and it’s repost it as new post.

The preview of ScribeFire on my PC

It’s supposed to be more useful if you have more than one blog to manage, but I only have one. If you interested just go to ScribeFire homepage or on the Firefox extensions web-page.