CLANNAD: The Visual Novel – part II

I have to salute to Key for this one…

It’s a friggin’ complex routes (@_@) one vital choice wrong and poof~ and You wouldn’t know until further back~ and there’s always different story appearing for almost every single choice. No wonder people said it took 300 hours in average to get the whole scenario~ yeah 300, Three hundred hours!!! It’s not a typo. Now I’m really salute to the translator and people in AOI for making the patch.

But throughout the stories (in exception of the bad ending) the joke, the drama is really touching (the bad ending very irritating, but also felt challenging) and the stories impeccably woven throughout the scenario. Even in the side scenario of Sunohara, I got my eyes wet a bit. I also have settled down the Fujibayashi Ryou route but nothing really dramatic happen on her route, so I’m starting to doubt that that’s the Ryou’s “true” route.

CLANNAD - Sunohara, Sanae-san and Mei

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Voice Patch download status: 55.1% of 1.02 GB (>_<)

I’ll put more spoiler and screen shot ahead, open at your own risk~

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CLANNAD: The Visual Novel

Clannad Game Poster

As the series end, I manage to get my hand on the game. 1.34 GB is not small >_< and I still have to get the voice patch too. I thank to the people from the Baka-Tsuki Project for their hard work for translating this game, Otsukare~. And also people who compile the English patch. The translation isn’t 100% yet (95% probably) but its quite good.

BTW I haven’t wrote in a while. I’m really apologize for that~ work and stuff coming so fast so I couldn’t really cope with the review T__T hontouni gomenasai desu~

I’ll give a lil sneak peek of how much I’ve done the game. I’ll give spoiler warning to Kyou Fan BTW~ (though I haven’t got her ending)

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CLANNAD – episode 18: Strategy for Comeback


Although it was a bright spring and Sakura trees is blooming, it is still felt gloomy for Okazaki Tomoya. While lazily climb to his school through the Sakura lane, he saw a girl mumbling with herself, “… can I still loves this place, …” without even think he just ramble out “Then found another interesting things then.” while keep walking through her. The girl looks at him for awhile, and start walking toward their school. At that time their world seems to be filled with color again although they don’t realize it yet. And yet the story begins…
That was the first scene of CLANNAD, animated version of the visual novel games by Key. I really like some of the Key stuff and Kyoto Animations seems make this story more alive in its anime. After the game out in 2004 seems like many people waiting for the anime to comes out, I didn’t really know it at first until the anime pop out that is.

Like another bishoujo games this anime also feature a guy who, in the game, try to hook up with one of the girl (hentai scene included of course *evil smirk*, but of course the chop it in the public anime version) but although they have same main objective the plot is something else. Its always interesting how they build up the drama and at the same time the funny scenes along the series. Also the characters, although the sets isn’t much different somehow they can make it really unique one and another. I almost forgot, these stories also comes with so many themes, from family to friendship, dreams and many other things, I can even quotes a bunch from this story. You have to see it to believe it~

So to get hooked up you must “approach” them or help the one that approach you. So the story basically ran through the main character problem and solving the girls problems. But like common adaptation too the anime gonna end with the main heroine despite there’re many choices of girls in the game. I can hear those fans from other girls booing right now~ :P. I think Nagisa is way better than the one in Kanon (many people critics coz she’s (looks like) a loli XD though I think she’s cute) at least she got boobs XD hehehe~. I can’t blame them coz the specs of the other girls are awesome. Personally I like Kotomi, but many people love Kyou or Tomoyo.

I’ll wrote about those girls later but for now lets review the episode 18

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